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Let’s Look: Favorite Summer Finds

Happy Wednesday!! I’m excited to be linking up with Shay and Erika today with another Let’s Look! Today we’re looking at Favorite Summer Finds! I couldn’t come up with just one summer find so I decided to share a mix of items that I have been grateful for this summer. I felt like these items have made a difference in our lives in many ways!

A lot of these items I’ve shared with you before so if I’m sharing them again, you know they are really great and making a difference.

First up, our slumberpod!!! This has hands down been my absolute favorite summer find. We’ve made two trips this summer and our slumberpod has come with us both times. It truly is life-changing for a mama who is obsessed with her kids getting great sleep.

We used the slumberpod on our most recent trip to see my parents. I didn’t take any pictures of it set up in Kate’s room. 🤦🏼‍♀️ But it was the perfect item to have! She was set up in her own room but I didn’t have enough black-out travel curtains for her and Caroline’s room, so this was the perfect solution it fit right over her crib and gave her the coziest little sleep spot!

I really believe this slumberpod gives her better sleep especially when traveling, not only does it block out light but it blocks her sight to the whole room where maybe she would be scared of sleeping in a new place.

And guess what it’s 25% off right now! I’ve never seen it priced this low!

You can check it out here where we used it on our trip to Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was amazing to put her down to sleep while we went about our day and night in the hotel next to a quiet sleeping baby.

Speaking of travel items and sleep items. I love summertime and all the extra sun but with all the extra sun means it looks like the middle of the day when I’m ready to put our girls down for the night at 7 pm. Cue the TRAVEL BLACKOUT CURTAINS…I don’t use these in Caroline’s room but I do use them for Kate’s room behind her other blackout curtains on a regular basis. I feel like they help her with her naps making her room dark and cozy.

Now I did use them in Caroline’s room when we visited my parents. I knew she would be going to bed for the night before the sun went down and it would be pretty bright in her room, so these worked like a charm! Once again I didn’t take pictures. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Each curtain comes with suction cups on the back so they are super easy to remove and put up. If you have little ones and are obsessed with great sleep no matter what it looks like outside then you need to grab some of these!

I wanted to share with you my two favorite sunscreens! We’ve been obsessed with Sun Bum for years and I can’t get over just how great the baby Sun Bum is. My girls wear it all the time and John and I even use it on our faces when we know we will be in the sun for a while. That stuff is magical! It doesn’t burn and it goes on thick enough to get a good foundation. It also seems to stay on really well with things like goggles or sunglasses moving on your face. I keep a bottle by the pool, a bottle in our sunscreen bag, and a bottle in my purse!

Our other favorite sunscreen this summer is the big bottle of supergoop sunscreen. Not only does this stuff smell amazing but it’s super easy to put on. I will say it’s a little greasy but it’s light enough that the greasyness isn’t a heck no for me. We have a big jug of this in the swim bath so it’s easy to lather up with before heading out!

This sweet little playhouse has been a hit this summer! We have LOVED going out in the backyard with the girls and getting all sweaty before jumping in the pool. I don’t know what it is about having the little house in the back but it makes it that much more fun for the girls to play out there.

Well, that wraps up this post today! I don’t have any super fancy finds but most of these are changing our life right now. I do wish I was writing about my new favorite bathing suit though…I need to find one! I can’t believe I didn’t buy a new one this summer…I’m going on three-year-old bathing suits! That is old for someone who swims in the pool at a minimum twice a day! Do you have a favorite?! Comment below to let me know!

Hope you have a great Wednesday and I will see you back here tomorrow for my recap on our trip to see my family!



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