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Panama City Trip July 2023

How in the world is it Thursday already?! I can’t believe we only have three more weeks of summer! I always knew how special summer would be with kids but this was our first summer with school on both ends of it and wow it goes fast and is a super special time of year! Ok enough sentimental summer talk for me lol! Let’s get to our recap of our relaxing trip to see my family!

Last week we spent Friday to Friday visiting my family in Panama City! We had such a great time and didn’t do a whole lot which is just what we wanted! When traveling I try to think of one or two main goals I want to accomplish while we are out. My biggest goals this time were to give lots and lots of playtime to Caroline and Hallie (my sister’s daughter) and to enjoy intentional time with my sister and parents. Growing up I loved just playing with my cousins at my family member’s houses. We didn’t need to do anything fancy or go anywhere exciting, we just LOVED playing together at home. So that is exactly what we did. And let me tell you, they had the BEST time!

On this trip, I didn’t take a ton of pictures lol! I must have really been soaking in the time spent. lol! I’m going to do my best with the pictures I have!

Friday Day 1- John took a half-day Friday so we hopped in the van after he got home and made the 6/7 hour drive to Panama City! The girls did great but traveling with a 16-month-old is never easy. There of course was lots of crying and little napping. Being in our van was lovely though because I was able to sit in the back seat and help the girls from there!

And I’m not going to lie, I LOVED sitting in the back. It was so cozy!

Saturday Day 2

On Saturday we swam a lot and then had Palmer’s (my niece) baptism! She was a serious angel. She didn’t cry one time!

John and I are her godparents and our friend Tommy now Fr. Tommy baptized her. It was such a special moment. Afterward, my parents hosted a party for Palmer. We had such a great time with family and catching up with our college friend!

Sunday Day 3– We swam more and headed to Sam’s Club as a family which is a funny family tradition we like to do!

Monday Day 4- All my siblings live in town so we spent time seeing two of their homes and property!

Tuesday Day 5- Tuesday was the Fourth of July and we had the most relaxing fourth…we just hung out at my parents with some of my siblings and their families, swam a good amount of the day, and read a lot of the day. I love days like that spent relaxing and enjoying time with family.

Wednesday Day 6- Ah! I was so excited for this day! We got to go see my sister’s wedding dress at the cutest wedding boutique! My sister looked beautiful! We had so much fun learning about this cute boutique and watching my sister pick out her veil! Also, we all showed up in all pink! Not planned at all! lol!

Thursday Day 7- Thursday was our last full day! Our friend Fr. Tommy was able to bless our new van and me and John had a chance to go check out my dad’s new machine for his business.

Friday Day 8- On Friday we packed up and made our way home. We were so sad to leave my family and all the fun we had, especially Caroline. She was so sad to leave my parents and her cousin. We really had such a great time relaxing and spending time with family. Now I just wish we didn’t live 6/7 hours away from them.

That about wraps up our fun family trip to Panama City! Happy Thursday and I will see you back here on Friday for Friday Favorites!



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