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Walt Disney World June 2023-Day 1

Hello blogging friends! I’m so excited to share with you our fun and quick trip to Disney! Last week I took a look at our calendar and saw we didn’t have anything going on for the weekend ahead of us so…I booked a one-night stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge! It was so fun and just what our little family needed!

I know the trip was only two days but we did so much in that little time that I wanted to break it up into two posts so I could document it all!

I’m so excited to share with you all our fun!

We left our house around 8:15 am. When heading to Disney we usually wake up extra early and get going but on this trip, we didn’t want to rush.

We got to Disney in under two hours which is great! And the trip was extra nice in our new Honda Odyssey, more on that in another post!

When we got there I checked in on my phone and not even 10 minutes later the My Disney Experience app checked us in and gave us our room number! It was wonderful!

By 11:00 am we were in our room, unpacked, ready to grab lunch, and swim in the pool.

We headed downstairs to the Mara quick service restaurant. The food was delicious! John and I split the shrimp bowl and the girls split a chicken tender kids plate. I try to split a meal with John when I can because I will never finish a whole meal so I only have a small portion of the meal and we add on little snacks if we need to.

I’m clearly not a food blogger because this picture was taken after I took out my portion. lol!

After lunch, we went swimming! Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House pool is so much fun! We all took turns going down the slide, minus Kate. It was soo fun!

That afternoon, I wanted Kate to get a solid nap in before we went to Mass so we went to the room and let her nap in her magical slumberpod! That thing is the BEST! Naptime and bedtime would have been much more difficult if it weren’t for this magical piece of baby products.

While Kate took her nap, Caroline and I got to explore the resort a little and go shopping for souvenirs!

I didn’t find anything personally but Caroline loved this drum. I thought it was the perfect little souvenir to remember Animal Kingdom Lodge!

After nap, we went to Mass at Corpus Christi Catholic Church. I’m always thankful we are Catholic and can attend Mass wherever we are in the world.

After Mass, we went to Epcot! I love Flower and Garden at Epcot. Although we didn’t take the time to stop and really admire the topiaries we loved walking by them and seeing how beautiful they were. Our tummies were too busy calling us to eat food instead!

Getting a table seat for four at dinnertime in Epcot the day of is not advisable but we lucked out! We walked up to Teppan Edo in Japan and asked to be placed on the list. We thought it was crazy that we were even able to get on the list to begin with. She told us it would be about a 50-minute wait…we said we would still like to be added.

Meanwhile, John ran over to Italy to see if we could be seated sooner at one of their restaurants. While he was there he received a text saying our table was ready in Japan so he ran back and he snagged our table! While John was running around us girls were busy shopping lol! We bought Caroline and Kate some fun Japanese fans!

Dinner was delicious! The girls had never been to hibachi so that was a fun added touch!

After dinner, we rode the Mexico ride and headed back to the resort! Epcot at night just sparkles!

Once we were back, we quickly bathed the girls and put Kate down while Caroline watched Disney+. We were able to Chromecast the app which I always love. And John went and grabbed us some Zebra domes and wine from Victoria Falls Lounge. It was delicious and I was so proud of the girls staying out and up so late!

Next week I will be sharing Day 2! And tomorrow I’m hoping to join other bloggers in a fun link-up where we share our tips and tricks for traveling! Hope to see you then!

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