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Friday Favorites No. 56

Happy Happy Friday!!

The last time I did a Friday Favorite I was on Friday Favorites No. 55! So here we are with Friday Favorites No. 56!

Today I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika sharing this week’s favorite things!

So let’s get to it!

My favorite favorite thing this past week was going away with my little family to Disney! I covered Day 1 here and will be covering Day 2 on Monday.

We had the best time and LOVED staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We used DVC rental points which was just the BEST!

My next Fave was Caroline losing her two bottom teeth!!! Well, it wasn’t my favorite thing…losing teeth is actually kinda gross to me but the fact that she lost two teeth in two days was so fun and it being her first visit from the tooth fairy made it extra fun!

I couldn’t believe she lost one on Monday and the second bottom one on Tuesday! She was so excited and we were too!

I can’t believe my baby is already losing her baby teeth!

This is another Caroline favorite…at swim the other day she swam her first 25 meters with no assistance! I was so proud of her. I was watching with bated breath. I even got up afterward to congratulate her! She did so great and was smiling ear to ear when she finished!

This week we had two fun outings, one with family and one with a friend. We made super last-minute plans with our friends and met them at the library then headed to our little downtown to eat. It was so fun and delicious. If you’re ever visiting Safety Harbor you need to go to Bar Fly for lunch, dinner, or even an afternoon snack. And you must go behind the library to see these beautiful old oak trees that were once the site of Indian burial grounds.

Thursday we went to the zoo with my cousin, her husband, and kids! It was sooo hot but so good to spend time together. Truly there is nothing like family. I love that my cousins and I have kids all around the same age. It makes hanging out together that much better!

The other day we bought a popcorn maker from Target. We have been super into eating popcorn lately and loved making it ourselves with this machine. Now I just need to find some fun recipes for popcorn!

To round out this week’s Friday Favorites, the girls have been playing with their dolls lately and I’m so glad I purchased two of these baby carriers last Christmas. Caroline received one of the baby carriers for Christmas and I was holding onto the other for a possible gift. But when Kate saw Caroline wearing her’s she practically tried to rip it off of her. Thankfully I had one to spare and now that is Kate’s baby carrier.

I’ve tried a lot of baby carriers but Lille Baby is my favorite! I was using mine with Caroline till I got pregnant with Kate. And now I use it for Kate. I used it a LOT when Kate was a baby baby. This is my carrier that I keep in the car. But I also have the sling which I keep in the house and is fun to put Kate in when I’m trying to cook and she wants to be held.

Well, that wraps up my Friday Favorites No. 56! I’m so happy to be back blogging. I’m still trying to find my groove with it. I have way less time to myself now having a 5-year-old and a 1-year-old but I’m making it work! Whoever tells you stay-at-home mom life is easy has never done it!

Monday I will be back with part 2 of our Disney Trip and details about how we booked using DVC points!

Happy Weekend friends! And follow me over on Insta to see our daily ongoings!



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