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Let’s Look: Our Best Travel Tips

Hi friends! I’m excited to share with you some of my favorite travel tips today! I’m linking up with other bloggers and I know they will have great tips so make sure you check theirs out too!

Let’s first start by saying that we haven’t traveled as much as we used to pre-pandemic. We used to be gone quite often then Covid hit and we took a step back from traveling and add having a new baby to the mix we just haven’t gotten our travel grove back yet. I’m hoping we will be doing so in the next couple of months because if there is one thing I love, it’s traveling!

So let’s share some travel tips!

My first tip is to bring a slumberpod! I swear this thing is magical! I’m not kidding. I wish we would have had it when Caroline was little. The slumberpod has changed our travel world. This amazing device is like a pop-up tent that fits over cribs and pack-n-plays. It changes your little one’s sleep area into a cozy dark space so they can get some shut-eye without everyone else having to do the same.

We used one on our most recent trip to Disney and the trip before. When I was ready to put Kate down for her nap or bedtime I would turn on her sound machine and fan, rock her and do all her pre-bedtime routines and once I felt she was ready to lay down I would lay her down, zip up the slumberpod and go about doing what we needed to do in the hotel room.

It’s magical. If you are going on a trip with your little one you need one of these!

My next little tip is to bring blankets for your little ones. Caroline and Kate always do better in the car, at a hotel, or a family member’s house if they have a blanket they can easily curl up with. We love having blankets in the car even for errands or short trips across Tampa.

Another little tip is not so much a tip as it is advice.

When I’m packing for a trip with kids I always get overwhelmed thinking about all things we could “need” while we are away from home like extra medicine, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, etc. But I read something the other day that helped me have a mindset shift. It was that if you are traveling especially in the U.S. and you forget something or need more of something there will most likely be a Walmart or local store that has the items you are in need of.

That piece of advice helped me so much with my thoughts and anxieties about missing something or needing something.

I have a lot of other things to say about travel tips but one that has helped me most recently is buying these little packets from Walmart or Amazon. This little thing fits in my “mommy bag” (the bag I carry on my body). I can whip them out anytime the kids are getting fussy and we are sitting down. I love to give them to Caroline and Kate when John and I are trying to either finish eating or discuss what we are planning to do next. They are usually about a dollar so that’s a win too!

I hope one or all of these tips will help you in your next adventure! Just remember if you are traveling with little ones it will never be perfect. There will be bumps in the road. But there will be lots of great moments too!

What are some of your best travel tips? I know I can learn so much from you if you made it this far! Let me hear you in the comments! 🥰

Happy travels!

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  1. Marilyn on June 14, 2023 at 12:38 pm

    I don’t have little ones anymore, but am so intrigued by the slumber pod. What a great invention!

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