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A September Recap

Ok, I did it again! 🤦🏼‍♀️ I didn’t blog at all in September and barely in August. I guess our world is a little busy over here lol! I’m sure yours is too! So today I wanted to share a fun recap of what we did in September! And I thought it would be fun to categorize with titles!

But before I begin I can’t believe it’s already October…

we are currently still swimming in our pool! But we are super ready for the fun fall/winter days ahead with a little cooler weather and maybe just maybe breaking out a sweater or two!

September was a fun month! We started off the month with a trip to Disney! We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and had all sorts of fun! It was a quick trip and we are excited to head out on the next one! I will be blogging about that trip on Thursday!

Unfortunately, when we got back from Disney Kate got super super sick. She was sick for about 5 days with high fevers for 3 of them!

While little Miss Kate was sick she slept A LOT which gave me extra time to get started on a project that I put off for a very long time…going through my teaching stuff! Ahh, this was a big undertaking but I got through it!

Caroline loved seeing all my teaching stuff and playing with it too!

I was able to get 6 boxes down to two little baskets. I plan to scan most of my papers that I thought were important or would be helpful if I ever stepped back into the classroom again. I did not want to lose all that hard work to the recycle bin so quickly. I’m currently still in the process of scanning these papers.

We got to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday this past month and Caroline got to spend time with her cousins! I swear when this girl gets to be with her cousins she is on cloud 9! And Kate was too! They had a blast!

We went to a Rays game this past month! It was so much fun! Our school joined with many other private schools for private school night at Tropicana. We usually like going to games but it was much more fun with friends! We cheered on our home team and ate lots of popcorn and dip-n-dots! Thanks, Jessica!

I finally switched out the girl’s sensory table! I was soo proud of myself for doing this! I took out the kinetic sand cleaned up the bins and toys then added dry oatmeal, pretend apples, and this wooden play set. I’m not even kidding you the girls play with it every day! Does it get messy? Just a little. I run the vacuum under the table each night. I thought it would bother me more but I’ve worked on letting things get a little messy so I can a little peace and quiet. If I know all it takes is a quick clean up at night it doesn’t bother me as much!

We have a Honda Odyssey that I’m pretty much obsessed with and it has a DVD player in it which I’m also obsessed with! So any time I go to a consignment shop, library sale, yard sale, etc.. I picked up some DVDs. I was able to purchase almost all of these for $1.00 each! It’s so fun to have these in the car ready for us!

That is going to round up my September review! I think this was a fun way to see what we did in September 2023! I had fun making the graphics too! How cute is that little pumpkin and coffee by Rainbow Sprinkles! I love using her graphics in my designs!

So what did you do this September? I hope you had a good one!

Tomorrow I will be back with



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