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What’s on the Menu this Month

Happy Tuesday friends! I thought it would be fun to write a post about what’s on our menu this month! I don’t know about you but it can be a struggle to come up with yummy meals for my family. So I thought it’d be helpful to have a list of items we were planning to eat. And it may just give you a little headstart on your meal planning for the day, week, or month.

I will start off with a quick explanation of my new routine for meals. It might be a little boring for some of you but it seriously works for us and takes a lot of pain out of the meal planning process for me.

Each week I have a theme for each day.

On Monday I make something either in the oven, crock pot, one pan, or grill and I try to make enough to have some leftovers.

On Tuesday we have a Mexican-type of food which typically means tacos because I know my girls will eat them and I mean who doesn’t love a good taco Tuesday?

On Wednesday we have leftovers if we have enough from Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, if not we have breakfast for dinner – easy enough!

On Thursday we grab Chick-fil-A which is a treat all around for the whole family including this cook!

Friday is ALWAYS pizza night. This will never ever change. My family did it growing up and I will do it till my dying age lol!

Saturday we feed the girls popcorn chicken from Publix, with yummy pasta, and broccoli then John and I have steak as an at-home date night after we put the girls down.

Sunday is a toss-up of whether we are with family, cooking a nice meal, or going out to eat.

So there you have it!


Tuesday-Mexican Food

Wednesday-Leftover/breakfast for dinner

Thursday- CFA


Saturday-Steak night

Sunday-Toss up

OK now let’s see what I will be cooking on Monday and Sunday because those are truly the only days I really need to think about! Yay!!

Since it’s October I’m going to be throwing in some chilis. I’m really hoping the temperature drops a little over here in Florida!

This is a list I made and keep on my notes app so when I sit down to plan the weeks meals I’m ready with some ideas.

  • Sausage and Peppers in the crockpot either on pasta or in buns sprinkled with mozzarella and of course a jar of Rao’s sauce.
  • Homemade Cavaliere family sauce. Either vegetable sauce or meat sauce.
  • Stromboli
  • Chili
  • Cajun Chicken chili with cornbread
  • Roti Bowls (this is seriously one of our absolute FAVORITE meals)
  • Spanish Bean Soup
  • Chicken Pot Pie

Well, friends that is the list I will be choosing from and I might add one or two meals or take away one or two. I hope this helps you! I will also do my best to share the recipes with you as we make these meals!



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