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First Day of School 2023

It happened! Caroline is officially a Kindergartener! I can’t believe it! She did so well on her first day! I’m just so proud of her!

Last year Caroline was in Pre-K and did half-days so this year is a big leap doing full days! And man oh man do I miss my sweet girl!

This year will be an exciting year for Caroline as she wears a uniform, attends full day, and receives a prayer partner so they can attend Mass with the entire school.

I’m beyond proud of sweet Caroline and all that she is.

Here are some fun pictures from her first day!

Last year we got her a fun balloon and flowers to start the morning off with excitement and so this year we did the same! She loved them! I also wrote her a little card telling her how much we love her and are proud of her!

The backpack pic! Gotta love those Pottery Barn Backpacks!

Caroline was a little more nervous this year than last year on her first day and so were some of her friends. We thought it would be helpful to start the morning off with a friend to walk into school with!

Sister pic! Love these girls so much! Aren’t they so cute?!

Let me tell you this was a hard goodbye for me. Caroline has only been away from me consistently last year for half-days. We have eaten lunch together just about every day and this was the first day we would not be doing that. I missed her sooo soo much.

So needless to say I was very excited to pick up Caroline! She had a great day and so much fun with her friends! She did mention that staying a full day was long and she missed Pre-K but I felt that is only normal to miss what you are used to!

We are so proud of our Kindergartener!!

If you have a little one I hope and they had a successful first day or will have one! There is so much excitement that surrounds this day!



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