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5 Reasons You Should Stay at Disney Coronado Resort Orlando

Today I thought I would share my top 5 reasons you should stay at Disney Coronado Springs Hotel!

You guys this is a fabulous hotel! We stayed back in December 2023 and LOVED it! I have several more blog posts to come sharing our trip and tips from that trip but for now, I wanted to share with you why you should stay at Disney Coronado Resort Orlando!

Number 1! Disney Coronado Springs Destino Tower! This tower is gorgeous! Seriously it’s worth a trip to visit even if you’re not staying at the Springs. Gran Destino Tower is a tribute to the collaborative work between Salvador Dali and Walt Disney.

Dali and Disney created a short titled “Destino” where Dali created paintings and storyboards and Disney turned them into a film. Their work is beautiful and the film plays throughout the tower. But, not only is the art amazing throughout the tower, but the food is delicious!

Which brings me to number 2, the food! The entire resort has a total of 10 places to choose from to satisfy your appetite! We were lucky enough to eat at two of the 10 locations.

Our first was Rix Sports Bar and Grill. John went to this restaurant while Kate was napping and Caroline and I were resting in the room. He got a burger and tater tots for us to split and it was delicious! I wasn’t expecting much because it was a to-go order and I always feel like when you get food to-go it’s just not the same but this burger was really good!

The next night we had reservations at Toledo-Tapas, Steak, and Seafood. You guys this restaurant is gorgeous! It’s at the top of the Gran Destino Tower and is beautiful in every direction. We had steak, wine, an appetizer, potatoes, and vegetables.

The food was delicious and my only regret is not having gone the first night we were there as soon as tables opened at 5 pm.

It was difficult bringing our not even 2-year-old to a nice restaurant at the end of a long Disney World day. I think our littlest would have done better the first day we were there and at an earlier reservation. Needless to say, our waitress was wonderful and hurried our food out for us and I was able to scoot away with our toddler when she was restless to the lounge area. Would I go back again? YES! Would I go with a tired 20-month-old? No. Win some, lose some lol!

The third reason you should stay at Disney Coronado Resort Orlando is the location.

We live in Tampa so we drive to Orlando when visiting. This means we get to drive to the parks if we don’t want to take Disney transportation. And when driving to the parks we were under 10 minutes to all four resorts! That means less than 10 minutes to get from Disney Coronado Springs to Magic Kingdom!

I LOVE being so close to the resorts. We have stayed off the property and having to get onto I-4 to go back to the parks after naptime or after a long day is never fun. We loved staying on the property.

Number 4 on our list of reasons to stay at Coronado is the water slide, pool, arcade, and playground!

Now remind you we were there in December and 3 out of 4 of us went swimming. The pool was heated and of course Disney Coronado Springs water slide was on our bucket list of must-do slides! The girls had a blast swimming with John and I had a wonderful time watching them lol! We love Disney pools and I think this one is not to be missed!

Also not to be missed the playground! We loved this playground! It was fun all around us and fairly empty which was nice! The girls got to play and run around while John and I quickly planned our day.

And one more not-to-be-missed recreation area is the arcade. Somehow we have randomly been given arcade passes from other guests who were checking out and not going to be using their arcade money before they went home. We have graciously received these from 3 families that we did not know. It’s a new tradition now for us to go to the arcades, play air hockey, and take family photo booth pictures!

Number 5 on our list is the rooms! I LOVED these rooms! We stayed in the ranchos section which is not in the Gran Destino Tower but just as lovely. We were able to park our van close to our room so carrying our luggage wasn’t terrible. But the real luxury was the amount of space and storage we had.

The rooms have a large desk which connects to the dresser drawers. This was so lovely to be able to have so much space to place things for easy reach. And not only was this desk thing nice but the storage in the bathroom was delightful!

These rooms have all been renovated recently and are in total deserve of praise! I just loved how clean it all felt and how spacious it felt with 4 people staying!

Let’s do a bonus for fun! Number 6 on our list of reasons to stay is the price!

Seriously the price to stay here was great! I’ve heard people say it’s like staying at a deluxe resort for a moderate price and I agree with that especially if you stay in the tower. When we checked in I asked for an upgrade to the tower without a price increase. They said they only had four rooms available and would have to charge me the extra $100 per night so we declined but I’m sure glad I asked. The Disney Cast Member said next time they should be able to upgrade free of charge if there isn’t an event happening like Very Merry Christmas Party.

On top of the great pricing, we had enough Disney Reward Dollars from using our Disney Chase card to cover the cost of our stay! Win-win-win! You can also start earning points for free Disney vacations! You can use my referral code here to sign up for a Disney Chase Visa card! If you sign up and spend $1000 in the first three months you will receive $300 Disney Reward dollars back! That is definitely a one or two-night stay at a Disney World Resort if you play it right!

Alright friends, I hope this helped you if you are trying to figure out if you should rest your head at Disney Coronado Springs for an upcoming vacation! I highly recommend it, especially if you are looking to save a little money when planning your next Disney Vacation!



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