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Let’s Explore: Dunedin

Hi Friend! Happy Thursday! I’m so excited to share with you a new series—Let’s Explore where I will take you someplace I’ve explored recently whether it be nearby or far away!

One of my favorite things to do is explore new places and try to grasp an understanding of the area. I think I get this from my parents. They both love to travel. My mom loves to go anywhere new and my dad loves to explore those new places and really get an understanding of the area on foot.

So today I thought I would take you along a little trip John and I made for our anniversary. We headed out to Dunedin which is all but 10/15 minutes from our home lol! We spent about 4 hours exploring and eating in this cute little town that is a neighbor of ours!

When John and I were talking about what we wanted to do for our anniversary we decided to have a day date and explore Dunedin. We love a good day date exploring a new or old area together. Dunedin is the cutest little town to the west of us in northern Pinellas County. It sits on the Gulf of Mexico/intercoastal right outside of Tampa Bay. This cute and adorable town has a Scottish influence and it’s seen and heard all around. Fun side note I take the girls to the playgrounds here randomly and very often bagpipers are practicing in the parks. Needless to say, Dunedin is a very fun and festive town!

Once I knew John and I were going to Dunedin for an afternoon sans kids, I got to planning. I didn’t want to feel rushed and I wanted to enjoy our time together. I also didn’t want to spend too much time outside as we were going to be exploring in July, which is a brutal time to be outside in Florida.

I was super lucky and had the added bonus of Southern Living having just visited Dunedin. They wrote a 4-page article about some of the many fun places to explore! I dove straight into reading, rereading the article, and googling each place the article spoke of making a list of things to do from there.

I chose a place for us to eat lunch, a shop to explore, a brewery to enjoy, and of course a picture location!

First up we headed into Dunedin, mind you this was not our first time here, and we headed straight to this cute bookshop that I had been wanting to go to for quite some time. The shop was just perfect! We loved all the books they had about the history of the area and Florida history. I will say John and I got lost in these for a little while. I am so sad that I forgot to take pictures of the inside of the shop, I think I was too busy picking up books and browsing around. I was pleasantly surprised by the genres and amount of books the shop had available for such a quaint place.

After our exploration of the adorable bookshop, we walked about one block to our lunch reservations at The Living Room. You guys the decor here is something to write home about. Everything from the paint on the walls to the seat I sat in was warm, cozy, comfortable, and interesting. I guess it really made me feel like I was sitting in a Living Room.

Not only was the ambiance great but the food was delicious! John and I split the chicken salad sandwich and truffle fries. I’ve had a lot of chicken salad sandwiches and this one was very good—fresh and not overwhelmingly filling.

When we were done with lunch we strolled around into a couple of stores nearby before we headed to Woodwright Brewery. This brewery was great! Not only was the beer delicious but the wood crafting and architecture were beautiful. And it smelled like a woodworking shop, not a brewery which I loved.

This was a place that we will be heading back to for sure. We also grabbed a yummy pretzel at the Duneatery that is on Woodwright’s property. I other food sounded delicious too!

Our last stop of our outing was of course a pop over to see the hanging umbrellas! Aren’t these fun?

We couldn’t just see the umbrellas I needed to stop in the store that had the creativity to put them up and they gave us yummy samples of sangria while there! A win win win for us!

After this it was time to head back home, we took the scenic route. Isn’t this road beautiful? We had a great time exploring and can’t wait to head back to explore more!

Have you been to Dunedin? If so, tell us what we should explore on our next trip there!

Happy exploring friends!



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