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Disney: Wilderness Lodge September 2023

Hi friends! Today I’m excited to share with you our most recent trip to Disney!

Last month we stayed one night at the Wilderness Lodge! It was just lovely! We booked our stay through a Disney DVC rental site which saved us at least $100 or more for the one-night stay!

We decided to take Caroline out of school Friday and head over to Disney Friday and Saturday! And I’m so glad we did because we got to go to Magic Kingdom on a Not-So-Scary Party day which meant the park was pretty much empty!

Friday- We drove from Safety Harbor to Disney around 8 a.m. I would love to say that we were able to all four get out the door by 6 a.m. but that is just not where we are at in life. It’s a struggle to even get out by 8:00!

Once we got to Orlando we headed straight to our hotel. And we were lucky once again with an early check-in! YAY! Our room was ready for us and it was only 10:00 a.m.! So we headed to our room on the first floor, unpacked, got the slumberpod and pack-n-play all set up then headed to Magic Kingdom!

We were so excited to be staying at the Wilderness Lodge for so many reasons but one of the big reasons was the transportation to MK! We were just one boat ride away! Once we got to MK we met up with my in-laws as they were there for a trip also.

We were so proud of Caroline because she was bound and determined to ride Pirates of the Caribbean! She did so great!

After that, John and I ran over to Big Thunder Mountain for a 15-minute wait. We had so much fun riding this nostalgic ride!

Once we finished we caught a glimpse of the parade and headed to Skipper Canteen! This was the BEST food I’ve ever had at MK! Not only was the food delicious but the dining experience was lovely! It was so hot outside. A nice sit-down restaurant was just what we needed! The girls did so great too!

After our delicious lunch, we saw Enchanted Tales with Belle. This show is always a delight! And it was like a dream for Caroline to see and meet Belle! We decided after meeting Belle that we had time for one more ride before the heavens opened!

So we rode Little Mermaid and then grabbed one of my favorite holiday treats from the Cheshire Cafe- a cattail and pumpkin coffee! So yummy!

When we got back to our room we rested, napped, and showered then headed out in the rain to eat dinner at Geyser Point. This was such a lovely experience! The girls had so much fun playing in the sprinkling rain and we all devoured our food! John and I split the Bison Burger while the girls split a grilled chicken. And for dessert, we had the campfire mouse! Highly recommend getting this dessert!

After dinner, we walked around the Wilderness Lodge grounds, ran into some friends from school, and enjoyed exploring all the fun features at the Lodge!

Saturday- We had breakfast at the quick service restaurant! I ordered a bear claw because I heard a ton of hype about it…well, I wasn’t so impressed. It was good but gosh it was HUGE! We ended up throwing out 3/4 of it! The girls had Mickey waffles and John had a yummy breakfast sandwich.

Our passes were blacked out on Saturday so we enjoyed our time at the pools and in the arcade. We love a good Disney pool with slides and all! After the arcade, swimming, and check-out we decided it was time to head home and relax!

We had a short trip that’s for sure but it was so much fun! And can’t wait to go back!


  • We took our double Bob stroller with us on the trip which we normally LOVE! But this time we regretted not having taken our double Zoe stroller. We missed two quick boat rides because our Bob wouldn’t fit on the ramp unless we folded it up, and we weren’t about to do that. So if you’re staying at the Wilderness Lodge and want to take the boats to MK make sure you don’t bring your massive double stroller unless you’re willing to wait!
  • Next tip, we were ready to swim at 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning, but guess what? The main pool didn’t open till 10:00 a.m., but guess what was open? The other pool! Score! And it was empty! John took the girls swimming there while I packed up the room then I joined them. I was so glad we peaked our heads at the other pool in hopes that it would be open before 10!

Ok, that wraps up this fun Let’s Explore post on our most recent trip to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge! We hope to be back soon! And I hope you enjoyed seeing our travels!



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