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Life Lately-June 2023

Happy happy Monday friends! I’m so excited to share a life lately post!

Life lately posts are some of my favorite posts to read from other bloggers! Hope you enjoy the randomness of our life here!

We have been loving this summer rhythm. I’m soaking in every minute I can get with Caroline home. I adore having her here with Kate and me. It just adds a little extra sparkle to everything we do.

I set out this summer with the intention to have an easy-going summer. One with little adventures and lazy days, lots of swimming, and lots of relaxing. I knew we would find our rhythm to the day and I think we have.

Kate is still taking two naps a day so that gives Caroline and me time to do things around the house which we both love! And it also gives us time to chill out on the couch which is one of our very favorite things to do together!

We started this summer off with a fun Pirate excursion saying goodbye to Pre-K and hello to summer with friends from school upon Captain Memo’s Pirate Ship!

Kate and I have loved having Caroline around for our trips to Publix. She is such a huge help with Kate. I don’t how I didn’t have a little helper when she was a baby!

Caroline is super into art but this summer, she has taken it to another level. If I can’t find her when we’re at home I know she is probably in her room creating a beautiful piece of art! I love all her creativity!

We loved our trip to Disney even if it was just for one night. It was just what our little family needed at the time!

With the girl’s new playhouse being built, outside time has been a big thing for us this summer! Thanks, John! It was done in less than 5 hours! We were so excited and the girls have adored it!

Besides playing in the backyard we have been swimming so much! I’m surprised my hair isn’t green. Gosh, I really hope it doesn’t turn!

We’ve also had some fun adventures around the Tampa Bay area.

We’ve gone to the Zoo with my cousin and her family, Busch Gardens as a family, and Adventure Island as a family!

We’ve also gone to the library several times and gone out to eat in our sweet little town of Safety Harbor!

Caroline finished her swim level before going to the swim team…I think we might try a swim team in the fall. We will see if our little fish wants to keep swimming!

And we can’t forget Caroline losing not one but two baby teeth on back-to-back days! I couldn’t believe it! She was so excited! And now she thinks she looks like a pirate lol!

I have to say that was a fun little recap of life lately. It seems like it was a jam-packed month but it was so fun and relaxing all at the same time!

See you tomorrow for another fun post! I’m so happy I’m back blogging even if they say blogging is dead, well not for me sister it’s alive in my heart lol!



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