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Kate 16 Months Old

Last Thursday, Kate turned 16 months old! So I thought I would do a fun review of what’s been going on in her little world.

I don’t know what it is about the second child but it seems like Kate has grown so much faster than Caroline. With the first child, at least for me, I acknowledged every little milestone and each cute moment. But with Kate, I feel like time sped up and those little milestones have gone so fast.

Hopefully, this will be a small way for me to keep up with them! Better late than never!

Kate is a foodie! Give her the savory, expensive cheese and salami, and you will be her best friend! She cracks us up! Girlfriend chowed down on some meat and noodles at Tepun Edo in Epcot recently.

She is not into fruits and veggies very often. And is not into sweets except for a Publix chocolate chip cookie or a dark chocolate-covered pretzel.

Kate’s favorite thing to play with is baby dolls and anything Caroline is playing with! Kate is so sweet with her little babies. She loves to give them kisses and holds them with a death grip.

Kate also loves to play outside. She has so much fun walking around playing in our backyard and in the playhouse.

We love reading books to Kate! She brings books to us, one after the other for us to read to her. It is just the cutest thing!

Kate is a good little sleeper! She takes two naps a day and is in bed by 7 pm and up around 6 am. I’ve always been super intense with sleep for the girls so it makes my mama heart happy when they have good sleep! I swear by good sleep! I believe it helps EVERYTHING!

Kate has her own little language and surprisingly we all understand it. She calls mama for John and I both which we think is hilarious. Although she does say dada and her own version of Caroline.

One of my favorite things about her language is the way she talks to her babies, reads books, and shows affection for animals. She really has a thing for them.

We love our sweet little Kate with our whole hearts! She is such a joy and a firecracker! She keeps all of us on our toes that’s for sure!

Happy Wednesday friends!



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