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A Little July Recap

Happy Tuesday friends! Today I thought I’d do a little July recap. And speaking of July…where in the world did July go?! It flew by and now Caroline is going to Kindergarten next week!

I have all the mom feels about Kindergarten…excited, nervous, sad, proud. Definitely lots of feelings but with all that I thought it would be fun to recap the fun and not-so-fun we had last month!

July started off with a great relaxing trip to see my family. I loved being with them and taking time to do a whole lot of nothing. I recapped our trip here.

When we got home I jumped right into checking off all the back-to-school stuff!

Caroline, Kate, and I had fun shopping for Caroline’s school supplies early this year. Nothing was on sale yet and the school supplies was still being set out. The section was practically empty of other shoppers. It was nice to have it all to ourselves!

With school supplies shopping under our belt I felt like we had more time to do our favorite summer thing, swim.

The weekend of July 15 we headed over to Orlando for the day. My in-laws invited us over to the resort they were staying at so the cousins could get together to swim and have fun! We split the day up by heading to Hollywood Studios before heading to the resort.

We had so much fun at Hollywood Studios! I plan to share our half-day trip to Disney next week. And we had soo much fun with our family, that I did not take a single picture when we were with them plus it poured rain on us.

Our trip to Orlando was on Saturday, so on Sunday, we went to Mass and then had our friends from college over to swim. I don’t know about you but our friends from college are still our best friends (including John and me, we are college sweethearts). When we get together it’s like we’ve not spent any time apart and that’s partly because we still talk all the time lol!

Anyway, it was great to see our friends and to have our kids play together! I love these people so much!

Well, after all that fun we woke up Monday and started over a week of illnesses that ran through our household. We had fevers, aches, runny noses, and headaches. It was no fun and I felt even worse for my friend who had to fly back to Arizona with sick kiddos.

After we got through our illness, Caroline had a super fun Barbie party to go to! She had the best time! It was her first “drop off” party.

Meanwhile, my mom visited us and we tried to soak up every minute we could with her.

After all the travel, illness, and fun visits we had a pretty chill last week of July. We went to a fun pottery painting place in town with friends, spent lots of time swimming outside, and had lunch with John’s grandparents.

To round out our month, on Sunday John and I celebrated our 13th anniversary with a fun day exploring Dunedin, a little town next to us on the water.

I hope you enjoyed this little recap! I can’t believe it’s August and school is only 8 days away!



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