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Caroline’s Art Studio Party

Happy Monday friends! We had such a fun-filled weekend with Caroline’s Art Studio Party, so I wanted to share with you what we did and the fun details just in case you wanted to recreate an Art Studio Party for your budding artist!

I started planning this simple and easy Art Studio Party back in September 2023. I know sounds crazy but hear me out. I learned early on with having a January baby that the time between October and December is so crazy that I would end up in crazy town if I tried to start planning a January birthday party in December. So I’ve marked in my calendar that every September 15th I start to plan Caroline’s party for January. That way I don’t have to think about it come the holidays! And while I’m at it I start to plan Kate’s February birthday too!

Alright more about this fun Art Studio Party! Caroline LOVES art! She has the best time with all things art so when she said she wanted to have an art party I knew just where to have it- Dunedin Fine Arts Center. What could be more artsy than an Art Center?

Side note Caroline’s Birthday outfit is so stinking cute! I found it on this website Lola and the Boys! So cute! Right?!

I scheduled this back in September and then sent my request for an art sign to be made from Amy Signs! We LOVE her signs! She seriously does the best job and I couldn’t be happier with each one we’ve had made.

After I had her sign made I went and ordered Caroline’s birthday invitations on Etsy and made sure to send them out in early December via Evite. I don’t know about you but I love Evite! I really really love a handheld invite but gosh you can’t beat the convenience of having Evite. I not only love using it for sending out invitations but I Iove receiving them there because they are all in one place and I can easily link it to my Google calendar.

When it came time for decorations we didn’t go over the top, I grabbed plates and tablecloths from the Dollar Tree, food platters from Publix, cake from Publix, and balloons from Party City!

If you live near a Publix I highly recommend ordering platters for a party from Publix. They are delicious and super convenient. And I mean who doesn’t love Publix?! I ordered a medium popcorn chicken platter, a medium fruit platter, and a Medium Sub platter. Then I grabbed a box of assorted chip bags, bubbly waters, water bottles, and Capri Suns. I wanted to make sure I had food not only for the kids but for the moms too! Everyone seemed to appreciate that small gesture. I know I did, lol I was hungry!

And for the cake, I asked for pull-apart cupcakes. The top looks just like a cake but it’s actually a bunch of cupcakes underneath! I felt this was genius because there was no cutting cake involved! Yay for us!

We kept Caroline’s favor bags fairly simple. I ordered little notepads from Amazon, stackable crayons, and lollipops. I placed a goodie bag at each seat so it was easy for the kids to grab and I’m glad I did this because they all started coloring while eating and waiting for cake.

The party itself was fun! The Dunedin Fine Arts Center offers a party package for two hours. The girls were able to do a fun little art project, play in the kid’s museum which was a hit, and have time for cake and lunch.

All in all, it was a fun day! I do wish Dunedin Fine Arts Center would have thought of something a little more creative for the art project but that is my only complaint.

Caroline had a great time and her friends did too so we were happy with that!

I can’t believe our girl is six! Where did the time go?!



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