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What’s Up Wednesday {8.28.19}

Hey you guys! I’m linking up with Sheaffer and Shay today for a What’s Up Wednesday and I’m so excited! I love WUW!! I hope you enjoy!

1. What we’re eating this week:

Check it out here! Every week I post a menu and grocery list just for you! And lately, I’ve been really into Claire’s One-Pot Meals from Catching Up with Claire! Thanks, girl, the meals have been delicious!

2. What I’m reminiscing about:

Well, I’m not sure you would call it reminiscing because it wasn’t a super easy time in life and I consider reminiscing thoughts of good ole times. But I’ve been thinking a lot about when I had surgery for all my infertility issues. Yesterday, my friend Katie from and I linked up to share our stories. We have a whole series of link-ups that we’ll be doing and I’m pretty excited about it! I’ve already had several women reach out to me from this one post! YAY!

3. What I’m Loving:

This dress! It’s amazing! Cassie from hi sugarplum always has the best taste and her line doesn’t fall short of that! Check it out here!

4.What we’ve been up to:

Unlike the rest of the world, we have not been back to school and I’m trying to savor every moment of Caroline being home with me. So we’ve been doing our same little things like shopping and hanging out with friends and family! Here are some fun pictures of our recent ventures this past month!

5. What I’m Dreading:

We’re taking Caroline to a specialist doctor next week to see why she’s not walking yet. Although I’m thankful to have gotten an appointment so soon, my mama heart is just nervous. I guess every mother wants their child to be perfect in every way and not to have any issues. Hopefully, everything is fine and she’s just later at walking because of having low tone muscle. Prayers for her, please. 🙂

6. What I’m working on:

I’m working hard to try and start posting 5 days a week! I can’t believe it. When I first started blogging getting two posts up a week was so hard and now 5 WOW! I knew I’d get there I kept telling myself. I decided to start posting some fun fashion finds on Mondays. I’m excited about this. I realized these posts are some of my favorites from other bloggers and I wanted to post just one outfit a week to keep it simple and fun!

7. What I’m excited about:

We’re headed to Colorado for a family wedding in two weeks!!! I’m so excited!! We’ll be with a lot of John’s side of the family but I also get to see my cousin there too! YAY!!!! I love Colorado and family! So fun!

8. What I’m reading/watching:

All my magazines! And watching Bachelor in Paradise. I finished Jane the Virgin and it was sooooooo good! Many of my friends have been telling me I should watch Parenthood so I think I’ll be starting that next. What do you think?

9. What I’m listening to:

Caroline’s new words!! Like “why”, “yes”, “no”, “yellow”, “love you”, “hi, dada”, “hi, mama”! I just LOVE her little voice and I can’t get enough!!!

10. What I’m wearing:

Either dresses, workout clothes, bathing suit, or shorts!

11. What I’m doing this weekend:

Hoping this storm doesn’t hit us or anyone. My sister might come into town if the storm stays at bay.

12. What I’m looking forward to next month:

Is it September next week?! Where is time going?! I’m looking forward to going to Colorado, getting my hair done, getting Caroline’s doctors appointment being over with, seeing my cousin, celebrating my father-in-law’s birthday, and posting 5 days a week!!!

13. What else is new:

For once, I think I covered almost everything in one post! YAY!

I hope you guys have a great weekend and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

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