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Fun Finds: Costco Edition

Are you wondering what to buy at Costco? Check out my post listing some of my favorite items I like to but while at Costco!

I LOVE Costco!!!! I think I’m a super fan of Costco. I follow their Instagrams and anybody who posts about Costco. I just love it! lol! If you are a member of Costco I’m sure you understand this feeling and probably share the same love. 🙂

This week Caroline and I went to Costco with our friends Carly and sweet baby Addie. We had the best time shopping, enjoying each other’s company and finding lots of fun finds! 🙂

Today, I’m only sharing what I bought at Costco on this shopping trip. I promise I’ll be posting more in the future about my fun finds there!

Let’s Go!

I love Costco’s fruits and veggies. I don’t buy a lot of fruits and veggies from there because it’s just the three of us eating them but they usually have great prices for the amount you get!

Costco’s baby wipes are some of my favorite. I go back and forth between them and Sam’s. Sooo good!

These were so good! We had a sample and decided we both needed these. And we needed them immediately, so we opened a bag and snacked as we shopped. 🙂

These cookies are some of my absolute favorites! Give me everything and anything coconut!

I usually buy a large pack of beer from Costco or Sam’s for John and I. I only put a couple in the fridge at a time. This will last us usually about 2 months which is really nice!

If I had a favorite, it might be this! I love sparkling plain water! It’s soo delicious! I have one every day, seriously every day.

This will last us for sooo long and it was only about $12!

Both of these were under $6. Under $6 for two, I feel like that is a pretty good deal for 80 ounces!

Well, that is what I picked up at Costco this week! It’s one of my favorite stores for sure! Some people aren’t into warehouse shopping but I’m totally in! Give me all the good deals, large quantities, and yummy samples! Till next time Costco! We love you! lol! 🙂



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