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Tuesday Talk: Lipstick

Do you love to wear lipstick but have trouble finding one that will stay on? I’ve found the PERFECT lipstick! It’s affordable and actually stays on! Come check it out!

My Favorite Lipstick

Today I’m linking up with Ashley and Erika for a little Tuesday Talk and this week I decided to talk about one of my favorite things, something I use every day…lipstick!

Truth be told, I used to never be a lipstick person. Don’t get me wrong I loved the way it looked when I finished my makeup and added that last touch, lipstick. But I usually ended up not wearing it because I would look in the mirror after about 20 minutes and question where the pretty lipstick I had just applied actually went? Did my lips suck it all away?

Well, yes it felt as if they did! So I decided to not wear it no matter how great it looked.

Then here and there I would try some matte lipstick that you would actually have to scrub off but I just never liked the way it looked. My lips would look dry and sometimes get blotchy.

But you guys! I found the queen of all lipsticks, I’m not kidding you, Maybelline SuperStay Ink Crayon Lipstick!

It stays on even after eating. It’s so easy to reapply. It doesn’t dry out your lips. And it comes in so many beautiful colors!

I have these four colors currently and need to order more soon! I’m serious I love them so much!

I love to keep my lipsticks in this sweet holder. My cousin gave it to me. It was painted by my great grandmother. I love it so much!

I don’t have any suggestions for you since I rarely think to use lipstick, or makeup even. I do tend to use a lot of lip gloss and chapstick though.

  • Holley on April 22, 2020 at 1:20 pm

    I need to find a good lipgloss! What kind do you use?

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