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Tips for Choosing the Right swim lesson

Looking for some pointers on how to pick the right swim instructor and type of swim lesson? Come read what I thought of Swim Lessons and how I think Caroline did overall!

Happy Wednesday you guys!

I thought I’d be back to blogging each day while my mom was visiting but I was a little to earnest in my quest. lol!

But, I’m here today and I want to review how Caroline did overall with her swim lessons and my thoughts.

I know how hard it is to choose the right swim lesson for your children. I did so much research, I drove myself silly. So I thought this little review could be helpful!

This was Caroline’s first summer of consistent swim lessons. When I set out to find swim lessons for her I had one goal in mind: I wanted her to be able to survive a fall into the pool if no adults were around.

I did a quick google search for swim instructors in our area who could help Caroline accomplish this goal and I found one that I thought looked really great.

I felt like we hit the jackpot with her teacher. She was experienced and very knowledgable. She even taught Caroline how to survive a fall into the pool with winter clothes on.

When we started Caroline’s swim lessons, I’m not gonna lie, I thought she would absolutely love them! lol! Boy was I silly for thinking this! She pretty much hated them.

The first day her teacher had her go underwater and Caroline lost it. And she lost it each day after for about 5 weeks. There were a couple of moments where I thought “what am I doing, why am I torturing myself and my sweet 2-year-old daughter”.

But I kept my goal in mind and that was to have her be able to survive a fall into the water without an adult around.

I had to keep this goal in the forfront of my mind. It helped me get through all the crying.

Tip: Make a goal! Answer the question to yourself, what do I want my child to accomplish at the end of the swim lessons?

  • This will help you to have a goal for yourself and your child when searching for the right swim instructor.

Caroline’s lessons were 4 days a week 10 minutes at a time at her teacher’s house. The teacher had the lessons stacked back to back which I thought was kinda weird at first but now having gone I totally understand why she did this the way she did. Meaning she had Caroline say at 9:00 am and the next student at 9:10 am and so on.

So I had to be prepared to get there on time, get Caroline changed into her bathing suit and swim diaper and on the deck ready to swim at her scheduled time. If you were late you were late and you only got to use the amount of time left in your slot.

Tip: Be Prepared.

  • The more prepared you are the better your child’s lesson will be and the better you will feel.

I was prepared most days but I will tell you on week 4 I totally forgot Caroline’s bathing and swim diaper. Thankfully Caroline’s teacher let her swim in her swim diaper that day because there was no way I would have made nay of the 10-minute lesson if we turned around to grab the bathing suit.

The last thing I think you should consider when looking for which swim lessons to take is How Organized is the Teacher.

Caroline’s teacher was very organized. From the way she set up parking in her driveway to how we paid for the lessons.

Before Caroline even started with her lessons, the swim teacher sent out the guidelines in several different emails allowing me multiple opportunities to read and understand what is expected.

I personally really liked how organized the instructor was and how efficiently she ran her business while taking the time to pay attention in great detail to each of her students.

I also liked the fact that she had been teaching for 37 years because I knew I would need someone who was confident in her teaching to not only help guide Caroline but also help guide me.

Tip: How organized is the teacher

I felt that her organization helped us get through 6 weeks of Caroline learning to survive in a body of water.

I hope this helps you with determining who you will take your child to for swim lessons.

I was so pleased with our experience. By the end, Caroline was so proud of herself and has become much more confident in herself in and outside the pool.

My husband and I always say she accomplished the goal we set out for her and she has a healthy respect for the water now which we are greatly pleased and proud of.


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  1. Tiffany on July 15, 2020 at 2:50 pm

    I’m so proud of Caroline and especially you for making it through these lessons! I know how much your momma heart hurt but you stayed consistent and pushed forward. I personally believe you not only give Caroline the skill of swimming but an equally an important skill of persistence and hard work even when what you’re doing is absolutely terrifying and miserable. Good job, Holley and Caroline! 💗

    • Holley on July 15, 2020 at 5:42 pm

      Thanks so much Tiffany! And something else I realized too is she gained so much confidence in herself! I’m so proud of her! Thanks for all your support!

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