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Start a Blog with 5 steps under 1 hour

Have you ever wanted to start a blog but felt like it just took too much time? Look no further! I’m going to help you set up a blog with just a couple steps under 1 hour! Blogging does take an investment of your time if you want to keep a blog going but it doesn’t take more than an hour to start up a website and your first blog post. Follow these simple steps you’ll have your first post up in less than an hour.

  • Before you claim a domain and all the fun stuff, you first need to figure out what you’re going to blog about. Ask yourself this simple question. What do you want to blog about? If you’re wanting to start a blog hopefully you can easily answer this. Set a timer for 5 minutes and jot down your thoughts.
  • Claim your domain. Check out this site to claim your domain. Make sure no one else has your domain and if you can’t come up with something you’re crazy about, use your name. I’ve found that your name is usually not taken as a domain and readers don’t really mind what your blog domain is, what really matters is the content and the way you connect with your readers. Make sure you go with a .com. These usually are more easily found through SEO. I use hover. Check it out!
  • What is your tagline? This should be able to describe your blog in one sentence. Think about it like the old fashion elevator pitch–if you were in an elevator and someone asked you what you blog about what would you say? That is your tagline. My tagline is Creating a life that’s simple, organized, and fun. My tagline describes exactly what I blog about and every post of mine has something to do with this tagline.
  • After claiming your domain, find your hosting company. I use Bluehost and have been very very happy with it. Check it out. Now install WordPress into Bluehost. I highly recommend using
  • Finally, choose your framework. I highly recommend Genesis by Studiopress. Once you’ve chosen your framework chose a beautiful child theme. The child theme is what makes your site look great! I went with a design from Pretty Darn Cute Designs. Check her out! They have great customer service and for a girl who had no idea how to code(me!) this group of women helped me to easily learn and now I can say I know a thing or two about coding!
  • BONUS! Do you want to take your new blog one step further? Write your first post. Just do it, publish it, and get it out. No one has to know it’s there but it’s so fun to just write a quick first post. You can always take it down and create a more polished first post when you’re ready. Here is my first post!

I hope this quick and simple tutorial is helpful for you at setting up your first blog and bonus, your first post! I hope to be writing more about starting up a blog. I’ve really enjoyed blogging and want to encourage anyone who would like to give it shot to do so.

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