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Spring Toddler Girls Playground Clothes

If you’re looking for an easy list of really great Spring Toddler Girls Playground Clothes I have it here for you! Come check it out!

Call me crazy but my daughter has two outfits that she usually wears every day. One outfit, usually a dress for running errands, going to the zoo, aquarium, or other fun things, then a second outfit after nap, her playground outfit.

This habit probably comes from my childhood. I went to Catholic School most of my life so we wore uniforms and for PE we changed into PE clothes and when we got home from school we put on our play clothes.

So for me, it just makes sense to have a nice outfit and a play outfit each day. And that is exactly what my daughter does.

And you can bet just about every afternoon in the Springtime unless we’re at the pool, we are at the playground.

She knows she wears a simple t-shirt and shorts to the playground and she loves to pick them out and gosh I wish I had the selection she has!

Today I thought I would share with you where I get her fun cute spring playground clothes!

Spring Toddler Playground Clothes


One of the first places I always grab t-shirts from is Carter’s! They have the cutest selection and lots of Disney characters. I also find that their t-shirts hold up pretty well, at least for a season of play!

I’ve listed some of the tshirts below with their links.


The next thing I love to get her are shorts. We’ve been having some trouble with drawstring shorts lately because the waist is just too big. So I’ve found the magic in bike shorts! Gosh, these are just absolutely adorable and perfect! They are even great for the slide which you know if skin rubs too hard on a slide it burns and with these, her little legs are good to go! These bike shorts are from Target but I’m sure they’re available in other places too!


I used to buy cute little socks with ruffles and was constantly searching for socks with eyelet lace but kinda gave up on that quest and have settled for Carter’s white socks from Target. These guys are cute and fit so perfectly!


And of course, if you know Caroline, you know she wears Stride Rite white lace-up shoes. Yes, she has other cheap sandals and shoes but these are the best in my opinion. I love how they lace up, keep her feet secure, and always look so good.

Way back when Caroline wasn’t walking and we were going to physical therapy, her therapist reccommended these and I was hooked. They are seriously the best shoe for little ones in my opinion.

Caroline started with size 2 and has gone all the way up to 7 now. And you bet we will go as far as we can with these little guys!

Well, that about wraps up my list of comfy Spring Toddler Girls Playground Clothes! I hope you found some cute items or ideas for your toddler girl this spring! And happy playground playing!

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