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Simply Drinks: BloodyMary’s

You guys I have a secret!

If you follow me on Instagram you saw the other day I posted these beautiful delicious drinks! And my secret is they are made sooooooo easily! Like for real!

We just use this mix! Yes, sometimes we, by we I mean John, make them from scratch but gosh it’s just so easy with a good mix! So we use it!

We love to put yummy garnishes in our drinks especially if we made bacon early that morning!

Some of our garnishes include, but are totally not limited to… olives, lemons, limes, and bacon.

I’m telling you these go down fast and are sooo delicious! They’d be a perfect edition to your Mother’s Day Brunch!


5 oz. bloody mary mix

1 oz vodka


Mix together for one drink. John likes to shake with ice then stir!

Pour into ice-filled glass and top with garnish!

Fun tip: If you ever use a citrus for garnish always rim the glass with the citrus then stick the garnish on. It gives you a little taste of the garnish in every sip! We do this with all our drinks!


I hope you enjoy! They’re seriously the easiest and sooo sooo delicious!

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