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Easy Shark Week Kids Craft

Shark Image-Easy Shark Week Kids Craft

You guys it’s Shark Week!!! And I have an Easy Shark Week Kids Craft right here for you!

We are big Shark Week fans around here! We love everything about it! It’s a family past time we like to say.

When Caroline was 6 months old we would watch Shark Week every night and laugh so hard.

Laughing hard at Shark Week is weird I know, but let me tell you why we would laugh.

You know how when a baby is about 6 months old they put everything in their mouth?

Well, I’m going to assume you know and if you don’t let me tell you they put everything in their mouth, I mean everything! And at this time Caroline was big into trying to eat our faces! She would come at us with a big open mouth like she was ready to eat us.

So every time we would see one of those huge sharks jumping up and eating something or coming at the camera with a big mouth all we could think about was our sweet girl with very little teeth coming at us like a little shark.

We became pretty big Shark Week fans before Caroline but once we made this little memory with each other we’ve loved Shark Week even more.

Well, are you ready to make some fun Shark Week memories with this fun easy shark week kids craft? Making these will add some fun memories to this year’s shark week!

And guess what?! This craft is super easy! You probably have all the supplies you need to make this fun Shark Craft!

Are you ready?! Let’s get to it!

Easy Shark Week Kids Craft


  • Toliet paper roll
  • Cardstock/computer paper/construction paper any of these will work in any color your child wants
  • Marker
  • Popsicle stick
  • string
  • scissors
  • tape


  1. First cut the paper to fit around the toliet paper roll.
  2. Let your child decorate the paper if they want.
  3. Wrap the paper around the roll and tape the paper to the roll.
  4. Draw two side fins, a dorsal fin, a tail, and a shark head.
  5. Let your child decorate the fins, tail, and head.
  6. Cut slits in your toliet paper roll so you can thread the string through the roll and up allowing the roll to be held like a puppet.
  7. Cut a slit directly opposite of the string slits. These other two slits will help hold the head and tail of the shark onto the toliet paper roll.
  8. Tape the string to the popsicle stick.
  9. Tape the fins to the toliet paper roll.
  10. Place the head and tail in the slits and you have a swimming Shark!

Here are some images to help you with your drawing of the fins, tail, and head. I also have some other images of the process of making this fun craft!

I hope you enjoy making this fun craft with your kiddos!

I think it’s the easiest craft EVER and your kids will love to have a fun shark to “swim” around as they watch all the fun Shark Week episodes!

Come back tomorrow and I will have another fun Shark Week craft just for you!

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Sharks swimming-Shark Week Kids Craft
Shark Craft with water
Shark Craft
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