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Preschool Art-Flower Creation Station

Today I want to share with you a very quick and easy to put together activity for your little preschooler! It’s called a Creation Station! This Creation Station is centered around flowers but you can truly make it anything you want it to be!

I came up with this idea because I was trying to create something that my daughter Caroline (3 years old) would really enjoy and not need my total guidance. As I looked around our house I grabbed a poster board and some other very fun objects, laid them out, and called it her Creation Station!

So what is this so-called Creation Station? Well it’s a mix of fun artsy items that allow a child to create whatever it is that he/she wants.

And can I tell you something? Caroline not only did this for hours but across a span of several days. I’m telling you she loved it! And I did too!

Her little hands were so busy at work. I left out the objects in a place that she could easily access and wow! Each morning, she would wake up and go right to it!

So let’s talk about what I put in this Creation Station!

The first thing I grabbed was a poster board that I had purchased earlier in the month from the Dollar Tree. A little tip, always grab one or two poster boards while at the Dollar Tree, you never know when they will come in hand.

I wanted the base of the project to be the poster board. At first, I was going to use just regular paper then I thought I liked the sturdiness of the poster board better. You could also use butcher paper as it is thick and large.

Next, I laid out objects like tissue paper, stickers, feathers, pom poms, markers, crayons, scissors, glue, etc.

Finally, I let Caroline get to work.

At first, I sat down with her to give her some guidance, and once I saw she had the hang of it I stepped away. It was so fun to watch her create different things on this piece of poster board.

You would never know it but there is a whole map on this paper that she drew and talked about at length. lol! Her imagination was going wild! And I’m so happy for that!

I hope you and your little one have fun making a Creation Station! And I hope you have as much fun as I did watching your little one create!

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