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Our Trip to Colorado, Part 2

I’m so excited to wrap up our trip to Colorado today! We had the best time in Denver! If you missed out of Part 1 check it out here!

Well, let’s get to it! This should be a shorter read than last week.


We had so much fun Friday night at John’s cousin’s wedding, dancing late into the night that we slept in on Saturday morning and sweet little Caroline slept till about 9:30! I couldn’t believe it! She was exhausted! We kept her up way too late! lol! She was surprisingly a great little sleeper with the time change. I think we were so busy and go go go that she was always exhausted and could fall asleep when allowed.

That morning John went down and had breakfast with many of his family members and then brought breakfast up to the room for Caroline and I. As Caroline slept, I read. I recently joined a fun little book club on Instagram. I love it because the host, Ashley only suggests one book a month and right now that is super doable for me. So Saturday morning, I read this month’s book, American Royals. Such a good read! You should check it out!

When little Miss Caroline woke, we ate our breakfast and got ready to head out the door to visit my cousin Stephanie! You guys Stephanie is and will always be one of my besties. Cousins are just like that for me. I could go months without talking and we just pick right back up.

My cousin is amazing you guys! She’s my age and she is an Orthopedic Pediatric Surgeon and she is doing not just one but TWO fellowships! TWO that is so rare! But for her, I wouldn’t expect anything less!

We got pregnant around the same time so she has a little boy a couple of months younger than Caroline and he is just adorable!

It was so fun catching up with her and spending time with her little family in Denver. While we were visiting we walked to a park with them. Caroline loved this soo much! Look at her go!

The thing I love about Colorado is everywhere we went felt safe, was absolutely beautiful, and there were so many parks in walking distance!

Look at sweet Caroline, on our way back from the park she fell asleep. I told you she slept well whenever she was given the opportunity!

After we said goodbye for about 45 mins because that’s just how it goes with my family. We grabbed a quick lunch at Chick-Fil-A again, stopped by the hotel, made a quick change and headed to John’s cousin’s house.

Her house was beautiful! I didn’t take any pics but it was so pretty! I’m so happy for them!

Afterward, we headed to John’s Aunt’s home for a fun 60th Anniversary party for his grandparents. Caroline had the best time playing with her cousin but really LOVED playing outside. When the sun started setting it was the perfect weather outside! We just sat in the grass and watched the kids run around! I LOVE being able to just sit in the grass and enjoy it! Here in Florida, I can never do that! The bugs are awful and the grass is super itchy, so whether we’re out west or up north I always take an opportunity to sit in the grass! haha!


The next morning was our trip home. If you’ve ever flown out of Denver you know how awful the TSA lines are. They’re rough, they’re long but you get through them. Once we got to the security check they wanted us to disassemble our whole stroller! I mean the whole thing! Like, take it all apart because their walk through security gate was broken. I couldn’t believe what they were asking, so I told them there had to be another way, that we wouldn’t be able to just reassemble it all or even take it apart without some tools. After being sent back and forth to different checkpoints they finally had a guy just come and check it out by hand! Thank God! Could you imagine us sitting there with a stroller in pieces trying to make a flight!

Anyway, we got to the flight ate a quick breakfast, put the stroller in our gate check bag and prayed for a good flight.

Caroline did pretty well throughout the whole flight till we landed and when we were landed she lost it! I mean couldn’t get it together. When I was able to finally stand and go to the back she was able to calm down a little but then as we were getting our stroller she lost it again. Poor baby. Maybe it was her ears, maybe she was just plain exhausted but poor thing couldn’t stop. My heart hurt for her and we quickly became apart of the toddler parenting club that so many have entered and graduated successfully from. lol!

And my friends that about wraps up our trip to Denver! It was fun! It was exciting and most importantly I’m so thankful that we chose to go and enjoy John’s cousin’s wedding!



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