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Our Orlando and Epcot Trip

Happy Monday my friends! We had the best weekend two weekends ago!

We headed over to Orlando for the weekend and went to Epcot! John’s brother and sister-in-law were having a baby shower for their 2nd kiddo and we thought why not make a little trip out of it and so we did!

We booked a hotel in Orlando instead of at a Disney resort. We love to stay on Disney property but decided to do something different this time.

So the Florida Hotel it was! And omg we were sooo happy we stayed there! This hotel is so beautiful and it’s attached to the MALL! You guys, Caroline LOVES the mall! I mean like she cries every time we leave and we have to make a special goodbye to the mall. She asks to go to the Mall, the Zoo, and Disney pretty much every day.

Needless to say, this was a huge hit for us! But before I get into the hotel fun, we had a great time at the shower. Caroline loves her sweet cousin so much! They played dress-up and had all other kinds of toddler fun! And poor little Caroline had a scratch on her face from falling and hitting the corner of my planner.

After the shower, we headed to Mass. We are so lucky to always find a Catholic Church wherever we go.

We were so hungry by the time we got out of Mass so we headed to Chick-Fil-A. I don’t know about you but this always makes Caroline happy!

After some delicious Chick-Fil-A, we finally headed to the hotel! To say that Caroline was excited was an understatement! She was over the top THRILLED!

This little girl is a girly girl through and through so we knew we had to head straight to American Girl!

Do you see our hotel back there?! So fun!

You guys she loved it sooooo much and I’m not gonna lie, so did I! lol! We had the best time checking out all the dolls and their cool accessories.

How cute is this Bistro?! This was in the American Girl store! So fun!!

The Florida Mall is so big and has so many amazing stores that we had to limit ourselves to only a few. After American Girl, we headed to The Crayola Store. We didn’t have time to go into the Crayola Experience, but it looked like something we would like to try with Caroline when she is a little older.

As we were headed back to the hotel, we stopped by the M&M store. Caroline was so tired by this point that we literally walked in looked at the M&M’s took a picture, that she didn’t want to take lol, and headed out!

On the way up to the room we needed to make a quick pit stop at Starbucks for a yummy cookie!

That night, we couldn’t believe how well Caroline slept! She almost slept until 8 am!

John grabbed some Starbucks breakfast for us and we headed out the door to Epcot!

We love Epcot soooooo much! We went there way too many times to even count while John was in Law School. It was totally our getaway.

Our first stop at Epcot was Frozen Ever After! We didn’t get Fast Passes for this ride but we only had to wait about 40 mins!

Tip for riding this ride without a Fast Pass, do it FIRST THING! I mean like seriously first thing. Walkthrough the gates and head straight there. Later on in the day, it was way over an hour and a half wait. So go right away if you have a die-hard Anna or Elsa fan in your household!

The ride was so cute but I hate to say it, John and I both missed the Norway ride! I just think it brought a little more, could I say culture to the showcase. I feel like Disney could totally put a Frozen ride at the Magic Kingdom, gosh that would be like a five-hour wait probably!

After our trip through Frozen, we headed to meet Anna and Elsa of course! And we were also a little underwhelmed once we met them. We were so excited but they didn’t have their original outfits on and Caroline hasn’t seen Frozen II so she didn’t really realize they were Anna and Elsa and the girls didn’t look too much like them either.

Meeting Anna and Elsa and riding Frozen Ever After were really our only goals of the day and we checked that off the list right away! So the rest of our day was pretty open and we were excited about it!

We decided to go to one country over and hit Mexico! We love that cute little ride and the restaurant there is so delicious with a great ambiance.

By the time we were off the Mexico ride we were so hungry so we headed to Germany! A pretzel, bratwurst, and a beer for the win! So yummy!!! I could probably eat this every day!

Did I mention what a beautiful day it was?! We were so lucky with the weather! It was perfect!

After Germany we headed to a couple of other countries in the showcase then came nap time and I didn’t know exactly what to expect but I kid you not I laid Caroline’s seat back and told her it was nap time and to close her eyes and rest and she did! We were so proud of her!!! I guess all our work paid off in the sleeping department!

So what do two parents do at Epcot while their toddler is sleeping they drink more beer–English beer that is! We sat at this nice little bench for about an hour while Caroline slept. It was so peaceful and beautiful!

When we decided to head over to Nemo Caroline was still sleeping. She ended up taking a two-hour nap! Yay!

She was so excited when she woke up and we were headed to the Land and Nemo!

I love both of these rides so much!

Before we left to go home we had to hit France and watch the movie and wow were we sooooo disappointed! They replaced the old movie with Belle! I love Beauty and the Beast but gosh! Once again some of the culture was definitely taken away and we were sad.

This picture was before the BIG disappointment. We were so excited to show Caroline the film we LOVED but we couldn’t do that. Now only YouTube will suffice.

We were headed to the front of the park when we decided to make a quick stop and say hey to Pooh! Caroline was sooo excited! She loves Pooh Bear and gosh we do too! I’m so glad we made this last stop!

We had the best day at Epcot and the weather was such a perfect compliment to it all!

I hope you have a great Tuesday!

Links to our things! YAY!

  • Here are some links to some of our things!
  • Our stroller we love our stroller sooooo much!
  • This jacket is similar to Caroline’s she wears it all the time!
  • My jeans! You guys I’m OBSESSED!!! Seriously best jeans EVER!!!
  • My earrings! I love these too and wear pretty much everyday!
  • Caroline’s hat. I couldn’t find the exact one but this one is cute!



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