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Organized Cheese Drawer

What does your cheese drawer look like? Mine used to look like this.

I know a disaster! I could never find what I was looking for and a lot of the cheese expired because I just couldn’t find it or see that it could be used.

I knew I needed to change this. We are a cheese-loving family and we like to have easy access to it. So easy I made it!

The first step to organizing is always emptying out the space you are organizing. If I was going to try to organize this drawer with the cheese still in here it just wouldn’t work.

Step 1: Empty the drawer.

Step 2: Clean out the drawer either with a wet paper towel or a cleaning cloth. Then dry it out.

After the drawer was empty and clean I went around my house to find any unused basket or any basket I thought could serve a better purpose as a cheese basket. I grabbed two and boom much better!

Step 3: Grab baskets or purchase (at the Dollar Tree) baskets. Put your go-to cheeses in these baskets.

I like how I put the cheese sticks in a basket. This makes it so much easier to grab one or two when hungry.

I put all the bags of cheese in another basket. This way they’re all contained and I can easily look through them to see what shredded cheese we have.

Step 4: Stack cheese containers in the same area. And place specialty cheeses toward the back.

I like to have our special weekend cheeses that we use for our cheese board in the back. I don’t need them every day so it’s nice to keep them out of the way yet still organized.

And I like to have cheese that’s in containers easily stacked together.

Step 5: Smile in awe of your beautiful new clean cheese drawer.

I love having things organized especially our food. It makes it so much easier to not waste food and save money when we can see what we have and what we don’t.

This whole process took less than 15 mins. You can do it! Go grab some baskets, a cleaning wipe, and open that yummy cheese drawer and get organizing!



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