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Happy Tuesday!

I wanted to share with you what my weekly emails look like. I just thought it’d be a fun way to introduce to my Newsletter! 🙂 Enjoy! These go out on Mondays. 🙂

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Happy Monday Friend!
I hope you had a good weekend and that you’re ready to start a new week!

We had a great weekend! On Saturday, we celebrated my brother-in-law’s birthday and my sister’s from afar.

And on Sunday we headed to the beach.

My friend, this may sound funny but we went to the beach and didn’t have it planned for our weekend–going to the beach on a whim was spontaneous for us. HAHA! John and I are such planners and, well, this weekend we didn’t really have anything planned for Sunday. When we got home from Mass, John looked at me and asked if I wanted to go to the beach and I responded yes! Let’s go! A ton of thoughts went through my mind like, I don’t have all our bags packed, I didn’t make our lunch yet, heck I don’t even know what beach we are going to go to! But, we the planners, said let’s do this! Let’s just go! And we had the best time. I made sandwiches in less than 5 minutes, grabbed a bunch of snacks, John packed the car, and Caroline watched us run around for 15 minutes throwing things together for the beach. 
Side note- the beaches here are usually packed by mid-morning and we are about 45 mins away from the nearest beach, so it definitely takes some effort to go on a whim, at least for us.

I tell you this story because after reading the book Do It Scared by Ruth Soukup I wanted to work against my fear. What is my fear, what is the thing that holds me back? Not having everything perfect. I am a Procrastinator. And do you know who else is? My husband. We get a lot of things done in life but sometimes we let things hold us back if we feel they aren’t perfect. At the beginning of this book, Ruth asks you to take a simple test to help define what your fear is, what is holding you back in life. And we both were Procrastinators. So with this in mind, John asked if we wanted to go to the beach–he told me he’s done procrastinating with small, simple, fun things. We can still have a ton of fun on the fly. And we did just that! 

Some pictures for fun. 🙂 

What holds you back in life? Is it a fear of rejection? The fear of not having it all together? The fear of what others think of you? 
We all have something that holds us back from having fun in life and living our dreams. I just don’t want to give into mine anymore. And I hope you won’t either. 

Last week on the Blog 
I wrote a little What’s Up Wednesday! I LOVE this series! It’s so fun to link up with other bloggers and see what’s going on in their world! On Thursday, I did another yummy meal plan and grocery list. And Friday was a little Fun Finds at Sam’s Club. Check it out. It was seriously only some of the things I like to get there. 

Next Week Wednesday- Fourth of July Fun Activities Thursday- Weekly Meal Plan and Grocery List Friday- Friday Favorites
I hope you guys have a great week and enjoy this great 4th of July holiday!


I hope you enjoyed a little look at what one of my weekly emails looks like. I try to give a little insight into what’s going on in our world and what I’m working on. I hope to have more and more freebies available for subscribers. I sent out a fun Get It Out, & Get It Done! series for email subscribers and if you sign up you can get those for free too! Just sign up below and they’ll be headed straight to your inbox along with our weekly newsletter!

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoy writing it. I’m definitely wearing my heart on my sleeve and letting you into our lives. But I figure, I shouldn’t halfway do this, if I’m going to spend the time doing it I should go all in!



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