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Caroline: 16 months old

my growing baby

Out little stinker just keeps growing! I know babies are supposed to do this duh, but gosh it all happens so fast!

If you missed last months post, I decided to start writing about Caroline’s growth and happenings each month. I thought it’d be a fun reflection to look back at Caroline’s growth. Seriously wish I’d been doing this from 1 month. My goal is to do this till she is 2 then only write updates about her every 6 months…we’ll see.

So here we go! And if you’re a blogger link up with me to write about your growing baby!


We’ll start with food! Yum!…Well, not so much for Caroline lately. She has been teething and I’ve noticed when she is teething she is super picky about what she eats. Her favorite foods lately are pancakes, waffles, strawberries, granola bars, bananas with Nutella, Publix cookies, french style green beans, and ice.

Look at this girl chowing down this cookie! She used to let me have a bite but now forget about it!


Caroline loves to color! She motions please and pretends to draw on the floor with her finger asking to color. So I grab a big piece of paper and crayons and she gets to work. It’s so stinking cute! And let me tell you I’ve found the MAGIC in the Magic Eraser. Seriously, that thing is magical!

One of her favorite things still is unloading anything and everything. She gets so excited if I’ve left a bag out and she discovers that she can unload it.


Caroline has been loving magazines lately! HAHA! I LOVE reading a good magazine and I receive quite a few in the mail for FREE!! (I’ll write a post about how I do that another time) So almost every day we take a little time to sit on the floor and look at “our” magazines.

The other thing she has been loving to “read” are brochures. I grabbed a bunch the other day from the Aquarium and she’s been in brochure heaven. My parents reminded me that I used to love these as a kid and told me to grab some for her because she’d probably be the same. And she is! I have to say I still love looking at some brochures!


Caroline still takes her two naps a day! Thank God! One in the morning and one in the afternoon. And she’s still sleeping through the night! YAY! Although, she’s recently had two nights of night wakings. We aren’t sure what causes the wakings. We’re thinking teething. So hard when they can’t talk to tell you what’s wrong.


OMG! Her little vocabulary has grown so much (at least I think so much) this past month! She still says mama and dada but she’s saying little versions of pancake, cookie, Grandpa, banana, Nana, up, waffle, hi, bye bye, and done. And her sign language is increasing! She loves to show please, water, more, milk, done, and little gestures that we’ve made up for her like eat, diaper, and up. So stinking cute!

Things she loves

she totally ended up in the pool with her diaper on. she couldn’t get enough of it!

Well, she still loves pretty much everything like she did last month but I have to say some of her new favorites are pancakes, brochures, and the pool! She also is loving Finding Nemo and Frozen. She gets so excited when I ask her if she wants to watch either of them.

Things she doesn’t like

Right now she doesn’t like not getting her way. Small tantrums have definitely begun when she doesn’t get the object she wants or if I take an object away from her. Thankfully, if I take her into another room she calms down but man these tantrums are not fun.

Funny happenings

I just love the way she gets so excited if I ask her a question like do you want pancakes, do you want to go outside, or do you want to watch Nemo? She gasps, smiles, makes squeaky noises and tries to say the noun or verb. Soo cute!

What’s happening in her world

She is crawling!!! This such a big deal for her. We’re so proud! She still prefers scooting but the crawling has increased every day!

We bought her special shoes the other day. Thank you Stride Rite for still selling your first walkers. Hopefully, these will give her more stability and confidence to stand.

Teething is brutal! Caroline has about 16 teeth, the last four (canines) are coming in now! Baby teeth are just the cutest, aren’t they!?

If you have a blog link up with me to write about your growing baby! You can tell us anything you want about your kiddo or you can use the categories I did; Food, Books, Sleep, Language, Things she/he loves, Things she/he doesn’t like, Funny happenings, and What’s going on in his/her world. I love reading about other people’s kiddos. It’s so fun to reminiscence where Caroline was, to see the growth she’ll make, and to laugh about the current stage with others.

Even if you don’t have a blog comment below on something fun or difficult you are going through with your kid.

Happy writings!



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