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Are your addresses for friends and family scattered and a mess? If the answer is yes, then you need an address book! Come check out why I have one and why I love it! |Bee Simply Organized|
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Do you have an address book? I know you’re probably thinking, Holley, are you an old lady in the early 19th century asking this question. And the answer to that is yes I have an old soul but I’m serious, do you have an address book? I have one and I LOVE it! It’s a hard copy and all! I’m still working to get all our addresses on our computer, another day another time. 🙂

Today I wanted to share with you my address book and why I LOVE it so much!

Let’s take a look at it!

I love my address book for so many reasons and I always keep it nearby my desk.

If you want to keep organized when sending any type of card whether it be birthday cards, thank you cards, invitations, or Christmas cards I believe having a well thought out organized address book is the first key to success.

A couple of years ago I did not have this book. Every time I needed to send a card or even greater, a list of invitations I was stuck trying to gather addresses. I always ended up having to ask my mom and mother-in-law for addresses or I was texting a friend for theirs. I was so tired of having important addresses in many different locations or no location at all. So I resolved to purchase a good old fashion address book!

I bought mine from one of my favorite collections, Erin Condren. Her work is amazing and if you care about things like the quality and thickness of paper, she is your girl!

When I received my address book in the mail I was completely delighted! Erin always sends other fun goodies along with your order. Fun things like stickers and such.

Setting up your Address book

The first thing I did was gather all the files, pieces of paper, and other items like return addresses on envelopes–yes that’s how I used to keep some of my addresses in a crazy pile–and I began to insert each person’s address. I started with writing in pencil because I thought if they move I’d easily be able to erase and rewrite. But I ended up choosing otherwise and I’m glad I did. I decided to write in black ink so the pencil wouldn’t fade over time and if someone moved, I’d simply cross off their address and rewrite on another line.

Simple as that! Now I have an address book that truly has all the addresses we need. When I want to send a card, a gift, or an invitation I’m not stuck searching for an address. I truly love it! I’m able to send simple cards easily now. I used to fill out cards and leave them or not even send them sometimes because I simply couldn’t find the address quickly enough. I’ve heard it said that it’s important to eliminate obstacles in your life because when you do so you will be more successful and I believe greatly that I’ve eliminated a great obstacle for myself by simply having an address book!

My tip to you is to find an address book that you like, purchase it, fill it out and keep it up to date. You won’t regret it! 🙂



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