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Leftover Easter Egg Fun

Now that Easter baskets have been emptied and Easter eggs have been gone through I have a fun activity for you to do with those empty Easter eggs! Come check it out!

When I was a teacher I used to do this fun little activity for my student’s at one of their Reading stations and I thought I would love to do something like this with Caroline but she is too young to string a sight word together but she might be able to put a picture together.

So off I went creating a fun way to use the activity I did with my students now with my 2 year old!

This activity is so easy and actually so much fun! All you need are some empty Easter eggs and this printable!

I did this activity two ways with Caroline.


The first time I just had her open one egg at a time and match the pictures back together that she found in the eggs.

I printed two copies of each printable cut one up and placed each picture in an egg.

When she found the egg she would match the picture to the picture on the page.


The next time, I hide the eggs and she went on a little hunt for the eggs then we came back together to open the eggs and matched the pictures on the printable.


Some other ways you can use these Easter Eggs would be to write out sight words and cut the words into just the letters. Place the cut-up letters in an egg and have your child piece together the word.


Another way would be to place coins in the eggs and have your child count the coins to see how much is in each coin.


The last way I thought of would be to cut up the pictures I made and have your child put the pictures back together like a puzzle.

I thought this was a super fun way to use all those eggs that we have leftover from yesterday! I hope you enjoy!

You can grab the FREE printable HERE!

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