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How we keep our Routines

You guys I’ve been talking a lot about routines lately and how much I love them. I’ve also had people who are reading my blog text me or email me quotes about routines. So I thought with all this swirling around my head I needed to get it out and talk about why I love routines and help those who need a little boost with a routine or two.

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Routines have always been a part of my life. I’ve said it several times lately but my parents were the first people to teach me about routines and how important they are for life. There were certain things that we did as a family that I knew was always going to happen. Little did I know that those events that happened every day were routines, routines that would be so deeply ingrained in me that I’d carry many of them into my adulthood. But, more importantly, the principle of a good routine was created in my life.

John, Caroline, and I thrive off routines. They keep us grounded. They keep us moving when we don’t want to. They give us something to look forward to. And I think most importantly they give us peace and stability to grow and learn new things.

Today, I thought I’d share with you some of our weekly daily routines. I have to actually sit and think about these because they’re so embedded in our days that they don’t stick out like a sore thumb. They’re there, they’re rooted, and they’re oh so good.

The first routine in our weekly life is the alarm. John and I always get out of bed at the same time. When the alarm goes off we both know it’s time to get up. Once we’re up the coffee machine is pressed on and teeth are brushed. After this, my coffee is poured and we sit down to pray together. Our prayer time together has changed overtime whether we do it first thing or a little later but the routine of praying together is second nature.

Another routine we have is getting Caroline up. When she wakes up she knows her diaper is changed first thing and then it’s out to get the newspaper with Dada. She loves this, you guys!

John leaves the house around the same time every morning and it’s off to Caroline and my little routines. First comes breakfast while watching the news. Then it’s off to coloring and playing while I do some work. Lunch is always before nap time and nap time is around the same time every day.

When John comes home, our routines happen without even having to explain what’s going on. From dinner to dishes, to baths and showers, bedtime prayer, and sweet Caroline’s bedtime. This all happens under 90 minutes, you guys. It’s crazy, it’s fast but without our routine, I don’t know if it could all happen so quickly.

Do you have routines in your family and in your life? What are they? Do you need to do some retweaking? This week I’ve been looking at some of my personal routines and retweaking some. For example, I’m trying to work out in the afternoon instead of the early morning this week. We’ll see how it goes but I so far pretty good.

This printable here can help you to map out your routines and just jot down your thoughts. When you’re done jotting down your routines and thoughts/ideas, print the same page and rewrite your routines clearly. Communicate the ones that need to be communicated with your family so you’re all on the same page and if you have to, hang it on the fridge so everyone can see it! Before you know it your routines, if they aren’t already, will be ingrained in your mind and life and you won’t even think twice about them. They will seriously become second nature.

Grab your FREE printable here!

What is your favorite part of a routine? Comment below, I’d love to hear what you like about routines!



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