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How to spend time with friends when you’re really busy

Hi friends! I thought I’d bring you this little blog post about spending time with friends when it might not be the easiest thing to squeeze into your schedule.

I know for me some weeks I can plan times to just hang out with friends but other weeks I have so many things to do and get done that I might not have enough wiggle room to just hang out. Instead of going weeks without seeing a friend I decided to start running errands with a friend. I began by asking my friends if they needed to go a list of stores I needed to hit up that week and if they wanted to join me at any of them. Usually, the answer was yes! And now some of my friends have started asking me.

Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures of these fun little adventures. I’ve gathered some that I actually do have…I think I’m too busy talking and shopping to be taking pictures. And I mainly only have pics of Caroline! 🙂

This simple thing has turned out to be so fun! I love to shop even for groceries and going with a friend makes it even better!

So far I’ve done Ikea, Costco, Target, Sams, the Library, Aldi, and Buy Buy Baby. We’ve had so much fun and I have actually found things I wouldn’t have normally. I love my friends and I love to spend time with them and some days/weeks this is the best way to do it!

Go ahead and see if you have some errands to run and maybe a friend could join you on the way. You’ll probably have way more fun with a friend along.

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