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How to make a Toddler Easter Basket for $10

Can you believe Easter is right around the corner!?

I love this time of year! For so long it meant I was almost done with another year of teaching, and I could taste the salty ocean air of summer! But now, I’m blessed to stay home with my sweet baby girl and really enjoy this spring weather rain or shine.

Today I’m going to share with you how to make an Easter basket for under $10 for your toddler.

This year, I put a limit of $10 on Caroline’s Easter basket and goodies. Trust me, I could spend more money on something like this, getting really cute books and stuffed animals. The hardest part of only spending $10 was denying myself to buy her the cutest Easter basket from Pottery Barn. I discussed it with my husband—because yes we talk about purchases like that—and we decided to buy it for her next year when she can run around and go Easter egg hunting.

I resisted my desires to buy a ton of cute things for Caroline this year and set off to spend only $10! Yikes! I honestly wondered if I could actually do it…but guess what—I did it!

So, how can you create an Easter basket for your toddler for under $10? With a little help from Dollar Tree and Target you’ll be on your way!

My first stop, the dollar section at Target! I found a cute little Easter basket there for only $3! Score! And somebody really liked it! LOL!

We also found some cute bunny ears that I couldn’t resist buying. She actually wears them! Those might end up in her Easter basket on Easter morning although she plays with them every day. What does she know though, she is 1. 🙂

After our adventure in the dollar section at Target, we went to the Dollar Tree where I found the bulk of her basket items.

I found these book sets for a $1. Two for 1. Score!–when you’re on a budget of $10.

Caroline will love these in the car and I’ll love them in my diaper bag!

I had some leftover plastic eggs from previous years, but you can pick up a pack of about 20 from the Dollar Tree for a $1. I’m planning to fill her eggs with cheerios. I thought about putting candy in them but decided to put her favorite food in the eggs—Cheerios of course!

You can’t go wrong with a stuffed animal. I found this cute little guy at the Dollar Tree. She loves stuffed animals around this size. And for only a dollar I don’t mind if we lose it (as long as she’s not attached) or if it gets dirty, and it fits perfectly in my diaper bag if needed.

I got her a mirror from the dollar tree. We’ll see if she likes it. She loves looking at herself in the mirror in the bathroom so I thought it’d be fun for her to have one that she can hold on her own. 🙂

I also bought her a little play-dough. This is definitely something she will be doing with me. Not sure what she will think of it but I thought I’d give it a go!

I’m planning on placing her eggs filled with Cheerios at the bottom of her basket. The basket is super small so I don’t need to worry about filling it with grass. Here are some ideas I had for filling a basket if you didn’t want to use fake grass. Use tissue paper and stuff the bottom of the basket so it looks fuller or if you don’t have tissue paper, you can use wrapping paper crinkled up, newspaper crinkled up (just be careful of the basket getting black), or even real tissues.

Wah-lah! An Easter basket full of goodies for under $10!

I hope this helps you get some ideas for your little one and to know you don’t have to go over the top for your toddler. Because let’s face it, the tissue paper will be their favorite part!

What do you put in your toddler’s Easter basket? If you have older ones what are some things you like to put in their basket? I can’t wait to put things like coloring books and puzzles in Caroline’s basket!



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