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How I have a successful day-Part 1

I don’t know about you, but some days I feel like I’m trying to play catch-up and I’m not living as intentionally as I want to. On those days I might feel more like this. HAHA!

Unfortunately, I think this happens to all of us! And I know for me, the days go by too fast to let them slip away.

I love to fill my days with routines and simple plans. I even like planning to have no plans. Either way, I love to wake up in the morning and know I have a beautiful day ahead that’s planned for moments to be made, memories to be had, and a small simple list of must-do’s and want-to-do’s.

So I’ve created ways to help me live more intentionally, simply, and, yes, successfully, each day.

Tip 1: Start the Night Before

Spend 5 minutes in the evening planning. That’s all! Just 5 minutes! And if you can’t do that, make it 2 or even 1 minute.

I totally understand that this can be really hard. On many days, I feel like this…

Who am I kidding? I feel like this everyday and I only have a 13-month-old!

But when I do pull myself together and take 5 minutes to plan, I like to sit down with my daily planner, Google Calendar (on my desktop), and my Daily Brain Dump sheet.

  • I set a timer for 5 minutes on my phone or our Google Home.
  • I start with a good brain dump. This helps me to get my thoughts out. I always feel less overwhelmed when I see what I actually have to do instead of having the thoughts circling around my mind.
  • From the brain dump, I write my must do list.
    • I look at our family’s Google Calendar and the brain dump to guide my must-do list.
  • After making my must-do list, I jot down anything I want to do, like go to Ikea, the zoo, organize photos, call a friend, etc.
  • Next, I look at my daily planner and begin to fill in the time slots and lists.
    • I write appointments in the time slots and things like laundry, post office, vacuum, etc., on the list side so I can check it off throughout the day.
  • Finally, I review my brain dump sheet, cross off the brain dump items making sure I assigned each item a place, and jot down any other random thoughts.

These small steps rarely take 5 minutes. So in the time remaining, I check what I planned for dinner and mark any food items I might still need.

When I wake up, I know I have a blueprint for the day. All I need to do is glance at my planner, fill in items I might have forgotten, and I’m ready to go!

Planning 5 minutes in the evening is just one way I have learned to make my days successful, simplified, and full of intentional living.

Life seriously goes by so fast—I don’t want to think back and see a blurred day that felt unintentional, unaccomplished, and messy.

I encourage you to try this for a week and see how it affects your life and the ones you love. So grab your:

Now set a timer for 5 minutes and start planning!

I hope this strategy can simplify your life, help you live intentionally, and give you memorable moments with your family!

Download HERE!

Check back next month for another tip on how to have a successful day!

What is your number-one-tip on having a successful day? Leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you!


Holley 🙂

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