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Simplifying Technology-How I organize & Simplify our desktop

Today I wanted to share with you how I organize my desktop computer.

I wrote earlier this year about how I organize my phone which in turn has simplified my technology and today I wanted to share with you how I organize my desktop. It’s super easy, and it’s almost funny to write a post about, but these are the types of posts I love! I love to see how other people organize even the smallest most simple thing.

So here it goes! I only have two folders on my desktop and really I could go down to having only one but two doesn’t bother me. And in those two folders, I have many other folders. The key to keeping these two folders and the folders inside those is having a folder for EVERYTHING! I’m serious. I have a folder for every item. Each document DOES NOT have its own individual folder, but it has a folder that it can fit into and if it doesn’t then I create one. This helps me organize everything into little categories that I can recognize and filter through easily.

Ok, let’s take a little look because I always think a visual aide is a big plus!

Here is my desktop. I only have two folders in the top right-hand corner. And in those two folders, we have many other folders.

And within those folders, I have other categorized folders. This always helps me to make my search simple and precise. I’m not having to filter through many different documents, I know if I go into one category then I can go to the next instead of wasting my brain and eye power searching around.

Here is a look at one of the folders and the folders inside. I know that if I’m doing something with Instagram, I can easily go to Social Media and find my Instagram folder there with info inside of it.

I also label my documents by the title of the image, document or post and sometimes I add a dash to give more detail for myself and the search engine.

In the image above I have this in my Social Media folder under Pinterest and I’ve titled it the title of the image, What my Weekly Newsletter for Subscribers Looks Like-Pinterest Pin.jpg. This makes it easy for me to know what the image is about and what I used it for.

And the last thing I do is, organize by alphabetical order. For those of you who aren’t sure how to do that, just go to the top bar on the folder window and follow the images, I’ve shown below.

So, that about wraps it up. How I organize my desktop folders! I love it, it keeps things simple, organized, and everything is easy to find!

I’ve been trying to convince John for years to do this for his work computer, let’s see if he’ll do it this time! 🙂



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