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How I keep my thoughts organized

If you’re anything like me you’re no stranger to having a million thoughts and ideas rolling around your head often.

If you're anything like me you're no stranger to having a million thoughts and ideas rolling around your head often and no place to put them. I solved my little problem by using my a simple app! Come see how I do this! 
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I feel like I’m always trying to corral all my thoughts that I have throughout the day and organize them so they don’t get out of hand. 🙂

Don’t you hate that feeling of having the same thought in your mind throughout the day reminding you to do things like–take out the frozen chicken for tomorrow, tell your husband about going to the park on Saturday, or pick up cheese on your next grocery trip? I know I hate having those thoughts race through my mind over and over again. So I decided to get them out throughout the day.

And I’ve come up with something I use to be able to drop a thought off and walk away without forgetting it.

Are you ready for this little thing I use every day that you most likely already have with you at all times?!

I use my notes app on my phone. That app is a life-saver! I jot down any thought I have or use the voice to text. I try to be as descriptive as possible. Then at the end of the day or beginning of a new day, I open my app to see what I made note of and put it in my Brain Dump/Planner.

I love doing this because any thought I have even if it’s just–take the chicken out tomorrow–can be dropped off on my phone and I don’t have to keep thinking about it randomly.

Then when I come to write in my journal at the end of the day or morning I look at my notes and put everything in its place.

And boom most thoughts are not forgotten lol!

So go ahead open your notes app, put the date at the top and start jotting down random thoughts and things you need to get out of your mind.

I hope this little super easy idea helps to simplify and organize your life!

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