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Fun Finds: Target Fall-Dollar Section

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to decorate your home this Fall, check out my post to see what I found in the Target Dollar Section. All things Fall! |Bee Simply Organized|

Target Dollar section ALWAYS excites me! I love to see what they have, what’s new, and what fun things I can find for under $5–although, they’ve been getting up around the $7 range with some items…not too happy about that! But when I find a cute pumpkin for $3, I get soo excited! I wanted to share with you today some of the items I found in my local Target Dollar Section!

Everything I found was pretty much Halloween themed except some tailgate stuff.

Here we go!!! Hold onto your wallets! lol!

Aren’t these trick-or-treat buckets so cute! When I was little we used to use a pillowcase for trick-or-treating because we’d try to get as much candy as possible in one night and we thought our pillowcases would do the job which they did. So if you’re kiddos trick-or-treat with a pillowcase, these little buckets could be used for decor around the house! So cute!

These pillows caught my eye! Soo cute! The fronts and backs were all different. I really liked them. They were super soft and a great deal for a decorative holiday pillow.

Ok, so the white one made me laugh out loud because our neighbors really did have the good candy, they would give out whole candy bars! Yes, the whole thing! We thought it was the greatest thing growing up! lol!

I thought these pumpkins were so pretty! Especially if you don’t like to decorate with too many colors. These are perfect!

And to top it all off, these games/activities looked so fun for kids. Caroline is not old enough for these fun activities but you better bet when she is I will be grabbing items like these from the dollar bin!

I hope enjoyed some the fun finds I found in Target Dollar Section! I seriously love that thing. Always my very first stop at Target!

Where should I go next? I have a couple of ideas… Comment below if you have somewhere you’d like me to go! 🙂

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