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Fun Finds-Sam’s Club Edition

Hello! Hello! Hello!

In all seriousness, I wanted to have this post up 5 am, that’s when I want to have all my posts up but in reality, that isn’t what’s happening. In reality, Caroline is going through the dreaded 2-1 nap a day transition. I’m learning to think positive about this transition–saying my sweet goodbyes to her morning nap and learning to rearrange my writing schedule.

So here we area at 2 pm and I’m posting a fun little post about some (only some) of the things I like to buy at Sam’s Club. With our schedule all wacky right now, I didn’t have time to go through the whole store and show you guys all the things I like to buy there. That will come one day soon.

Let’s get to it! Baby sleeping…I think I can get it done!

I LOVE a big warehouse store. We have a Sam’s card and a Costco card. They are both GREAT! When Caroline and I made a quick trip the other day to Sam’s Club for a couple of things and I thought I’d share with you some of the things I like to buy there. This shopping trip to Sam’s was super fast, we only needed a couple of things but I took some pictures of a couple of other things I thought were a fun purchase and some things I buy there often.

If you’re a Sam’s club member let me know what you like to buy there. I love hearing your suggestions!

Before getting into the products I have to say my favorite thing about Sam’s is the Scan & Go app. I use it each time I shop there. It makes our shopping trip so easy! No long lines and I know exactly how much I’m spending as I’m scanning. YAY for easy checkout!!

Ok, now onto some products!

Bulk Items

I really like these trash bags. We always joke the next time we have to buy a new box the weather will be different and many things will have changed! There are so many bags and I love that! One less thing I have to have on a grocery list. Some of the other big bulk items I like are toilet paper, paper towels, tissue paper, and laundry detergent.

Look at this great deal right now on toilet paper and paper towels!

Oops, I realized I only took a video and not a picture! LOL! Please excuse the big play button you can’t actually play it!

Baby Stuff

Let’s talk baby stuff! I like to buy Caroline’s diapers at Sam’s. They’re great and the price per unit is the cheapest I’ve found. If you’re a Sam’s Club member go stock up now! Great deal!

Caroline loves these squeeze packs and so do I! Easy snack to take on the go!


Speaking of easy snacks to take on the go. Veggie straws and popcorn! So yummy! I love to buy them in bulk like this.

Books & Clothes

And now for some fun finds! I love looking at their book and clothing selections. I’ve purchased so many of Caroline’s clothes here and I usually find something for myself or John. 🙂

I wish I would’ve bought this dress for myself. So cute! Right?! Great price too!

These little outfits are only $5.98! That is a deal!

There we have it! Some, and I really mean only some of the fun things I like looking at or buying from Sam’s Club! I really do enjoy this store so much!

Happy shopping! Next month I’ll be featuring another store I love to shop at. Hopefully, I’ll have more time on my next fun finds shopping trip to show you more things I like!



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