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Fun Finds: Dollar Tree

Do you love finding fun things at the Dollar Tree?! Well, I do too! Check out these Fun Finds from decorations, to food, organizational items, and teaching supplies. |Bee Simply Organized|

Oh, Dollar Tree how I love thee! lol!

Seriously though, isn’t the Dollar Tree so great?! I find so many random things there that make life just a little better! And I thought I’d share with you some of the things I found recently on my trip to the Dollar Tree! I hope some of these items can make your life a little more organized, simple, and FUN! Because I think sometimes a trip to the Dollar Tree is just for FUN!


Dollar Tree has stepped up its game lately in the fun category and fun for me is cute decorations and good-smelling candles. Check out all these FUN finds!

FUn Home decor

Aren’t all these little decorations cute?! And the candles actually smell really good! I had like a thousand gift ideas while looking at these. You could make a super cute gift bag for a new mom, new homeowner, new teacher, friend, thinking of you gift. So many possibilities!

Cleaning Supplies

Next up cleaning supplies. I don’t really have a specific place I buy cleaning supplies. But if I’m at the Dollar Tree, I usually pick up a bottle of this toilet bowl cleaner, it’s really good!

And I’ve heard this stuff is amazing! I don’t need any more cleaning spray so I haven’t purchased it but next time I run out I’d like to try this!

Sometimes I pick up cleaning tools at the DT. When I’m done with them I don’t feel bad throwing them away because I only spent a dollar and look at the huge amount of supplies they have!

Yummy Yummy Food

Ok, food!!! Depending on what Dollar Tree I’m at depends on the type of food that’s there. One Dollar Tree I pop into randomly carries day old bread-like Thomas Bagels and other name brand bread! I buy several and just freeze them. Such a good deal for only a dollar. These are some of the items I found on today’s trip to the DT.

Does anyone else really enjoy Zapp’s chips? They are so stinking good but it’s hard for me to find them here in the Tampa area. The panhandle has them everywhere! So so good!

I’m such a bubbly water fan!!!!! This all made me soooo happy!!!!

I realized I didn’t get a picture of the candy. But I try and never buy candy unless it’s at the DT. It’s soo cheap for a decent amount. And soo yummy, perfect for a trip to the movies or little gift bag.

Gift Bags, Party Supplies, & Cards

I don’t remember the last time I bought a gift bag that wasn’t from the Dollar Tree. Trust me you are not cheap if you do this. The bags are sooo cute and perfect for any gift! Seriously, it’s not necessary to buy a super expensive gift bag unless you just really want to or it’s your thing. Check these out and the gift wrapping paper is so nice too!

Where do you buy your cards? I usually buy mine at the Dollar Tree and I have a whole method I use for it! Blog post to come all about it!

And check out this party supplies. They have so many items including themed things!


Dollar Tree books are a hit or miss but the children’s books are usually great! I listed these as a favorite of mine several months ago. Caroline still loves them and I do too! Check them out! So great to put in your purse, take in the car, look at in Church, and for only a $1 who cares if you accidentally lose it or it gets ruined.

Oh, I didn’t take a picture of all the coloring books but WOW! There are so many! Definitely, the place I’m coming to when Caroline colors in coloring books instead of big poster board size paper. lol!

Teaching SUpplies

The Teaching section!!! This was my first stop for teaching supplies always! The DT has so many great things for teachers!!

If you really want to be a sweet parent to your child’s teacher, pick up several items of teaching supplies, stick a candy for her/him in the bag with a bubbly water and I promise you it will make your child’s teacher’s day!

She was so excited to see Belle! Belle is her girl! šŸ™‚

Organizing Containers

Organizing supplies are always abundant at the Dollar Tree. When I see their baskets and containers I get soo excited! I love organizing with these items!

These could be used to store food in a pantry or other items like cotton balls under the sink.

These baskets are so pretty and stackable. I use them in our cabinets for spices so I can pull the whole thing out and see what I need.

I like to use these in drawers so little items aren’t rolling around everywhere.

Clear and stackable! Perfect for under the sink storage!

These are the best! We use them for salad dressing, hummus, peanut butter, little snack items.

Travel Items

I like to have these in my purse for Caroline. The inventors of Boogies Wipes are so smart and I’m super thankful for their innovating products! This is a great deal to me and easy to keep in your purse or diaper bag!

Look at all these travel items!

Seasonal Decor!

Last but not least seasonal decorations!!!! And Fall decorations are out NOW! Yes, NOW! I’m just so excited!!! Look how cute everything is!

I hope you enjoyed our little trip to the Dollar Tree! We did!!

Anyone who lives in Tampa send me a comment if you know where the largest Dollar Tree is around here…I’d love to find a mega DT and I just know there has to be one somewhere around this city! lol!

Where would you like me to go next for a Fun Finds trip? I have ideas of places I’d like to go but would love to hear where you think I should go! Let me know in the comments!



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  1. Allison Fagnan on August 9, 2019 at 6:40 am

    Holley, the DT is my favorite too! So many practical things there and the quality has really improved over the years. I love so many things! Iā€™d have to say the hallmark cards, gift bags,tissue, organizing containers, balloons, and cleaning supplies are my favorite. Also love the ziplock bags, food containers and bandaids and toothpaste! The holiday decor has become a favorite too. So ,any things I buy there! No dollar tree is the same.
    Iā€™d love to see you go to Target! Another favorite. Enjoying your blog! Keep up the great content!

    • Holley on August 9, 2019 at 12:15 pm

      Thanks so much, Allison! I need to check out DT bandaids and toothpaste! There are always so many fun finds there! You are right! I need to do a Target Fun Finds! I’m going to be patient and wait till Fall Decor comes out with a bang! I just know it’s right around the corner!! YAY!!

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