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Friday Favorites-No.31 Easter Basket Edition

Do you have your kid’s Easter basket ready? Here is a list of all the things I bought Caroline for her Easter basket. Everything was ordered online!

Happy Friday my friends!

I hope these days are treating you well!

I’ve had good days and days where I feel like I want to pull my hair out.

One thing is for sure I’ve been sad about all the fun things we had planned but I’m trying to look at the bright side of things and be thankful for what we do have–especially our health.

Today I wanted to share with you one of the things I’ve been thankful to still be able to do which is fill up Caroline’s Easter basket!

Easter Basket via Pottery Barn Kids

This year we ordered a basket and liner from Pottery Barn. I wanted her to have a nice basket that we could use every year and later on she could give to her kids if she wanted. I really like how well made the basket is!

Liner via Pottery Barn Kids

Most if not all of these items I ordered online from Amazon and Target within the past two weeks!

My aim was to get things that were helpful, educational, and outdoorsy for Caroline! I wanted these items to encourage us to go outside and play! So let’s take a look!

one //Lace and Trace boards// I was reading the other day about the importance of fine motor skills and I thought this would be such fun way to enhance Caroline’s fine motor skills!

two //Puzzles// Caroline is lovings puzzles lately and I thought she would love to learn her letters and numbers by using puzzles! These were only $10 for the two!

three //Soccer Ball// Is this not the cutest soccer ball you’ve ever seen?

four //Golf Set// Caroline loves to watch golf with her Daddy and she loves to have us play pretend golf around the house with kitchen items so we thought this would be so fun for her John to take outside and play with!

five //Sidewalk Chalk// I found some cute sidewalk chalk eggs in the Dollar Section at Target but we use this sidewalk chalk every day. As soon as we run out, I will be ordering more!

six //Crayola Mess-Free coloring// We love these mess-free coloring pages! And Caroline loves Daniel Tiger. I love the fact that Caroline gets the satisfaction of using a marker and I have the satisfaction of her not creating a disaster!

seven //Folding Chair// I thought this chair would be perfect for, crossing our fingers, beach days and park days! She loves sitting in our chairs at the beach but this one is the perfect size for her! And it’s adorable!

I will, of course, be adding eggs filled with chocolate and a cheap coloring book or two.

I wanted to share with you a couple of other things I have purchased for Caroline lately as she is really growing into her toddler life! I think any mama or toddler would love these things!

//Toddler Stool// Helping in the kitchen is one of Caroline’s favorite things to do and this stool was worth every single penny! If you have a little one at home who likes to help or you want them be able to enjoy in the fun at the kitchen this is so worth it!

//Toddler Bathroom Stool// We ordered this because Caroline is getting too big to sit on the counter in the bathroom and she is big enough to stand on a stool to wash her hands and brush her teeth. She thinks she is something else on it!

//Bike Seat// I love riding bikes and I remember as a kid my parents toting around my siblings on the back of their bikes. I’m sooooo excited to do this with her! I think she is going to love it! And I got her a helmet to go along with it!

//Marvel Beads// And I will always recommend Marvel Beads! They are so much fun!!

I hope you were able to get some good ideas from this list! I think all of these are applicable to boys or girls!

Happy Friday my friends! Just remember every day we’re getting a little closer to this all being over!

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  1. Joanne on April 3, 2020 at 7:09 am

    My boys are teenagers so I just bought them all a chocolate bunny and either a book, movie, or model making kit and called it a day. Gone are the days of themed baskets and egg hunts… which I do miss in theory even if I’m glad to not have to do the actual work of putting it together anymore.

  2. Danielle on April 3, 2020 at 12:50 pm

    The chalk was a huge hit for my girls last year and the year before. They still use it all the time. We did a lot of outdoorsy things last year like gardening things too. Such good gift ideas.

  3. Lisa on April 4, 2020 at 10:01 pm

    I love your basket ideas! It is so hard with the limited selection these days! As a golfer, obsessed with that golf set and the soccer ball is adorbs!

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