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Friday Favorites No.35

It’s Friday and it’s a three day weekend!!! Yes, three days of John having off is sooooo exciting!

We will be spending time as a family this weekend and visiting my in-laws!

Here are some of my Friday Favorites!


You guys, I have been consuming books like it’s my job! I’ve become obsessed! It’s not like I’m reading a bunch of books but when I get a chance to read I’m trying to take advantage of it.

Audible is helping me soo soo much to do that! It’s amazing the amount of reading I’m able to accomplish when I have an audiobook to push me along! I LOVE it!

I will be doing a review of the books I read the first week of June! YAY!


I’m loving Caroline’s new little hat we got her for when we go on long walks or to the beach.

I love how it can cover her neck too so I won’t have to worry so much about reapplying sunscreen constantly when we go to the beach.


Another product we’ve recently purchased for Caroline are these cute little shoes! She wears them for swim lessons and I love them!

I always wanted her to have a pair of natives and this summer was the time to make a purchase.

They’re so easy to get on and off before and after the pool and I LOVE that! Because let’s face it she is usually not in the best mood during swim lessons.


I’m in the middle of organizing our DVDs and I couldn’t be happier! Look how much less space these sleeves take up! I can’t wait to share it with you on a blog post!


And I’m going to share a not so favorite. This past week was Caroline’s first week of swim lessons. I’m sooo proud of her but she is so scared the entire time screaming for me. It breaks my heart and it’s so brutal. I’m hoping it will actually get better soon! If you pray say a little pray for her that she will be able to overcome her fear. Thanks!

I hope you guys have a great 3 day weekend!!! I will be back on here on Tuesday! See you then!

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