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Friday Favorites- No. 32

Friday favorites is a wrap up of the things or moments I’ve been loving this past week! Come check them out!

It’s Friday! Yay! I think….lol! I feel like all the days have been running together. I know it’s Friday though because John will be home tomorrow and Sunday. He is still one of the few people working out there. Lawyers have been deemed essential, at least the work he does as a lawyer I guess.

Anyway, I’m excited it’s Friday because around here that means pizza night and pancakes tomorrow! YAY!

And today I’m sharing with you my Friday Favorites! These favorites are beginning to crack me up. They pretty much reflect the fact that there’s not a lot going on in our little world right now. I guess I should be thankful!


//Easter Decorating Cookies// I loved making our Easter sugar cookies on Easter! I searched all over town, really the internet to find some yummy decorate your own sugar cookies and I finally found some through Instagram! Don’t you love it when Instagram helps give you your answer lol!

We had the best time making them and we weren’t sure Caroline’s cookies were even going to make it through the decorating process but they eventually did!


//Podcasts// I’ve been loving listening podcasts throughout the day. My favorites right now are Christy Wright, Fr. Mike Schmitz, and The Mary Marantz Show.


//YouTube TV// When we moved a couple of months ago we decided not to get cable with a cable company but instead try out something like Hulu or YouTube TV. After lots and lots of research, we decided to go with YouTube TV and haven’t looked back!

We love it! I love how there is no limit to your DVR and not to mention they have pretty much all the channels we want.

Along with listening to Podcasts, I’ve been watching shows/movies while getting things done on my computer! And I LOVE it!

The other day I saw YouTube TV had a ton of movies out that I had wanted to see in theaters but we didn’t get the chance so I added them to our library and I’m starting to knock them off one at a time over a course of many days lol!

In my family, I’m known for taking days to watch a whole movie….I always felt like I was wasting time by sitting for a whole hour and a half or two in the middle of the day. So streaming a movie while I’m working and watching 30 mins at a time is perfect for me! lol!

Finished Why Him? in about 4 days! YAY! lol!


//Kindle// I love my kindle and cover. There are times when I read every day and times where I don’t. And right now I’m working hard to put reading into my day, even if it’s just 10 mins.

I want to be a better reader and I my kindle is helping to do that!


//Emily Ley things// I got my Emily Ley planner and other fun things the other day and I was just soooo excited!!! Y’all I love her things. They are just so pretty and well put together!

I’m so excited to use these planners! I seriously look at them like every day. lol! And I’ve been wearing my hat pretty much every day on our walks.

Well, I hope you have a great Friday! I know we will! I’m just so ready to be getting out and about again!

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  1. Joanne on April 17, 2020 at 4:42 pm

    The only way I can tell our week from weekend is the fact that my husband is (sort of) home. He often works on the weekends too but at least he doesn’t work a full day. He’s promises he’s not working at all this weekend but we’ll see. He usually finds projects around the house to work on instead as he has a hard time sitting and relaxing unless we’re on vacation.

  2. Cat on April 17, 2020 at 8:30 pm

    We also do not have a lot going on but I do love a good planner! Have a great weekend!

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