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Friday Favorites No. 29

Happy Friday my friends!

This week was a super weird week. Caroline and I hung out home most of the week. She is not feeling great and I’m starting to get it too so I’ve opted to stay home instead of heading out like we normally do.

I’ve been going kinda stir crazy but Caroline has a really nasty cough and when we have gone out she coughs the whole time, I mean the whole time. I feel awful for her and I don’t want to scare people around us. I mean the whole country seems to be freaking out right now so I don’t add to anyone’s worries that day.

How is your family feeling? Do any of you have this crazy cough or a cold? I sympathize with you if you do!


I’ve been taking more baths than I can count this week and they’ve been so nice! I love to use this Epsom Salt while taking one. It just makes the bath a little more relaxing.


I love this little holiday mug that I have from my Grandma. I coffee from it every chance I get. I love thinking of her and being festive at the same time!


You guys I have been making the same Shepherd’s Pie for years on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s good but every year I think I need to make this much tastier. And this year I created my own little recipe and I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself! Go check it out!


So I’m doing some experimenting with cooking lately! These cookies turned out beautifully but tasted yucky or really had no taste at all. I’m trying to make them with sugar cookie dough today. We’ll see how they turn out! Hopefully, super tasty because I LOVE how pretty they are!


I’m doing a giveaway with some really great bloggers! I’m so excited to have met these ladies. Each of their blogs are amazing! If you want to enter to win $175 from us go check out our giveaway on Instagram here!

I hope you have a great Friday!!!

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