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Friday Favorites No. 26

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s been a whole year since I started blogging!!! WOW, I can’t believe how time has flown by!

Friday Favorites

I had to put that meme here. I just love The Office soo much and this made me laugh aloud while looking for a Valentine’s Day meme.

Ok, so Friday Favorites!!!


We had such a great birthday weekend. Last weekend was John’s birthday and we went to the Circus in Sarasota and to his parent’s house for a birthday dinner on Sunday!

We hadn’t been to a circus since we were students at FSU and went to see the circus there. This circus was AMAZING! It was a small European style circus and it was soooo fun!!

If you live nearby you totally need to check it out! We had a great time and so did Caroline!


You guys my parents bought me Beats by Dre for Christmas and I LOVE them! I’ve been wanting a pair for forever! I use them when I working on blog stuff or listening to videos! YAY!


Have you seen Caroline’s new iTouch PlayZoom watch?! When iTouch PlayZoom reached out to me and asked if I wanted to do a giveaway I was in!

Caroline loves her watch! She seriously wears it every day! I was a little worried it would be distracting to her but it’s really not! She just loves to take pictures with it of herself and us! So cute!

Head over to my Instagram and enter to win a watch for your little!! They will love it! They have all types of colors and styles!


I got BACKSTREET BOYS tickets!!!!!!!! I can’t believe I didn’t write this as #1! Omg, I’m just sooooo excited! My sister and I will be seeing them when they come to Tampa!!!!! YAY!!!!


I love our new front door mat! The heart was just calling my name! Every time I open the front door it makes me smile! Check it out it’s $12.39 on sale right now at Target!!!

I hope you guys have a great weekend! We are headed to Panama City for my niece’s Baptism! I’m so excited to hold my sweet GodDaughter!



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