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Friday Favorites

Fridays are the best!

The excitement of the weekend is still ahead and pizza night is here!

This weekend, my family will be in town! We’re having our annual family reunion! YAY! I feel really blessed that my Mom’s family still does this. And for John, I think this is one of his favorite weekends of the year. It’s Masters weekend, Lightning playoff hockey, and baseball all in one.

So here’s to family, great events, and some of my favorite things from the past week!

Caroline’s Easter dress! I LOVE IT! I originally bought a different one for her then came across this one and had to get it. Thankfully I was able to return the other. 🙂 She loves it too! She loves fluffy dresses. It’s so cute! I’m hoping to take her Easter pictures this weekend. John and I will be testing out our camera skills. 🙂

We went to the beach this past weekend! It was so fun! But I have to say it was more stressful than B.C. (before Caroline). Taking a baby to the beach is just not as relaxing as taking no children. 🙂 Although it was more work, Caroline loved it!

For the first 10 minutes, she didn’t put her leg down. It was so funny, then I repositioned her and she was good to go.

She ate a lot of sand and didn’t mind getting wet at all.

Can I just say?—I love being a Floridian!

Caroline has been loving the swings lately. It’s the cutest thing! She screams and shouts just about the entire time she swings from pure excitement. And when I take her out of the swing she is very upset and wants so badly to go back to swinging.

I love that she loves to swing and be outside! Makes me so happy!

I’m a Florida girl who loves some flip flops! I found these at Marshall’s the other day and couldn’t pass them up! So cute right!? And Caroline loves trying to wear them too! She’s obsessed with the bows. 🙂


Jenna Bush Hager is on the 4th hour of the Today show now!!! YAY! I love watching her when we can. I try to turn it on when Caroline and I are eating lunch. Jenna is just so great! She is very relatable and always makes me laugh. So happy to see her face each day!

Well, that wraps it up! Another Friday Favorites in the books! I really need to muster up the courage and get this blog out there more…hopefully that will be happening soon!



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