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Friday Favorites

Wow! It’s Friday! I know I say this each week, but it feels like I just wrote the previous Friday Favorites 2 minutes ago!

I hope everyone has a beautiful and fabulous Friday!

The zoo!

I’ve really enjoyed going to our local zoo with friends and family lately. Caroline and I went with some friends yesterday and had a great time! I didn’t take many pictures though. 🙁 I need to get better at that! So here are some from a couple of months ago!

I’ve been debating whether I was going to renew our pass this year, and I think I will! As Caroline grows it’ll be a fun place to go and get out to run around and see the animals. If you are local I recommend doing the pay for a day play all year ticket unless you think you’ll be bringing a guest with you often who is over the age of 3, even then the child ticket plus 1 adult is cheaper than the membership pass.

Oh Costco, you did it again! Great products at great prices! I bought these Puma’s this week for only $25! They’re so comfy and will be perfect for going to the park, running errands, and going to the zoo!

This little craft may not perfect but it is so cute! I made this with Caroline for my St. Patrick’s Day post. You may think I’m crazy for doing this with a 13-month-old but I learned a couple of things—

1. don’t try to make a handprint with paint(figured that one) 2. place her in between my legs on the floor 3. have wipes nearby 4. be set up before you even begin to have your child sit with you 5. know it won’t be perfect! 6. channel my inner Pre-K teacher self.

And these little paints from Michael’s are great! They are only a $1 and wash off super easily! So fun!!


Loving the end of the Bachelor this year! I’m so proud of Colton! Sticking to his gut, going with his heart, chasing Cassie, yet patiently waiting for her. It was so nice to see a new type of ending to the show. John and I–yes, he watches it faithfully with me, best husband EVER!–were saying how real the relationship seemed and how we actually enjoyed watching the end of the season.

via &

Extra favorite, Hannah Beast!!

I’m ready for your Bachelorette season girl!

These little books have been a favorite of ours lately. They go everywhere with us. They’re so fun, easy to read, and fit perfectly in my diaper bag!

Yay, Dollar Tree for having fun cheap board books! Seriously, check out your local Dollar Tree, they usually have some good board books. And after you pay a $1 for the book you don’t feel so bad when liquid is spilled all over it or it gets lost.

I have to add something that is not my favorite this week.

Caroline’s pediatrician is recommending physical therapy because she’s not showing the signs she should for walking at 13 months old. She is definitely mobile but her doctor wants us to start therapy so her muscles can be trained and prepared for walking. I didn’t realize how hard this would be on both of us. My mama heart is hurting. Pray for her as she makes progress through this little bump in the road.

I hope you all have a pinch proof lucky St. Patrick’s Day! And check out my St. Patrick’s Day post!



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