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Entertaining Ideas for Thanksgiving

With the holidays upon us, I thought I’d join Shay and Erika as they blog about entertaining ideas for the holidays.

I decided to find 10 things I thought were great ideas all from Pinterest! I love Pinterest and have been working on my boards lately! Go check them out and make sure you follow me over there!

Instead of skipping over to Christmas entertaining ideas I thought I’d jump into all things Thanksgiving as I love this holiday too!

Lois has some of the most beautiful and creative centerpieces for the Thanksgiving holidays. I love how she incorporates pumpkins throughout!


Ummm, YES!!! I would’ve loved this as a kid and I would love this as an adult! How fun and easy! We will be doing this when we host Thanksgiving one day.

And you know what? If someone were to ask you to bring something, this would be super easy to bring. Place all the items in plastic baggies and just create when you arrive! Here are some links to easy scoopers, cups for the snacks, a two-tier stand, and small white bowls!

Now all you need are the yummy snacks!

How perfect is this!? I know Caroline would love to have something to color while we all enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner! And that little pumpkin she would absolutely adore!

Is this not perfect!? So simple and easy and perfect for a little festive name placement!

This is adorable to me! I love anything on butcher paper. So easy to make and a creative festive way to talk/write about what you’re thankful for!

You could also roll this out for the table cloth if you wanted to be super informal and people could read/write what they’re thankful for during dinner.

Who doesn’t love some great background music?! This playlist is great if you ask me and perfect for this season!

Super fun games! I checked a lot of them out, she has games for kids, adults and kids, and all types of families!

Who doesn’t love some great drinks at a holiday party?! And why not make them festive! These drinks look so yummy and fun! I think we will be trying some out this Thanksgiving!

Sooo cute!! These are perfect for a little take-home snack or for fun displays on the table.

I love a good mad libs and this one looks super fun! You could leave it on the appetizer table for people to grab. Make a little announcement to have people fill them out before dinner so after dinner during dessert you can read them aloud to each other for a good laugh!

I hope you enjoyed all the fun things I found to help make your Thanksgiving dinner a little more entertaining!

What do you like to do for Thanksgiving dinner? Do you have any fun traditions or entertaining ideas? Comment below, I’d love hear!

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  1. Joanne on November 13, 2019 at 7:37 pm

    That tiered tray looks wonderful!

    • Holley on November 15, 2019 at 7:40 am

      I thought so too!

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