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Easy St. Patrick’s Day Craft

Happy St. Patrick’s Day my friends! Are you looking for an easy fun craft to do with your little one today?!

This craft is so easy and you probably have all the materials ready to go today!

I love doing a fun easy craft with Caroline. We have so much fun doing little art projects together! But I want to tell you it’s not all pretty and perfect. There is always a little mess and a little crazy but I go into it knowing there will be.

To keep crafts simple, organized, and a little more stress-free I always have a damp towel by me, tell myself it will be messy, and have all the materials ready before I have Caroline excited about the craft.

This craft is so easy and fun! Get ready!


  • two pieces of white cardstock
  • green washable paint
  • cotton ball
  • clothespin
  • clipboard
  • bowl or plate
  • tape

How to:

  1. Print out or draw a three-leaf clover. If you want to print it out make sure you print it out on the cardstock. Here is a link to the clover. Three-leaf clover.
  2. Cut out the three-leaf clover and place a small piece of tape on the back. Tape it to the other white cardstock.
  3. Place the paper on the clipboard.
  4. Pour green paint into bowl.
  5. Clip cotton ball with clothes-pin.
  6. Let your child dab the cotton ball in the paint and onto the paper.
  7. Once dry pull off clover from paper. Now you have two pretty art pieces!

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