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Cat in the Hat Kid Activities

Are you looking for fun ways to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday? I have some easy creative learning Cat in the Hat kid activities for you to do today with your little one! Come check it out!

Yesterday I shared with you my fun Dr. Seuss packet and today I thought I would share with you the crafts we did yesterday for Cat in the Hat. Each one was so fun!

Before Caroline and I did the crafts we read The Cat in the Hat and at lunch I let her watch The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot About That series.

After we read The Cat in the Hat we got started on our crafts.

Something I learned when I was a teacher is to have the craft materials ready before you begin your crafting activity. This is so helpful with your own child too! I used to cut the materials while Caroline and I were doing the craft and oh my, the mess that would be. Her interest would plumet and my patience would be gone. So getting it all ready before really really helps and actually will change your experience.

Cat in the Hat Kids Activities

//1// paper plate face

This activity is so cute and pretty easy!

We started with the paper plate. I helped Caroline get started with the nose then she finished by drawing the mouth. She glued the googly eyes then we made a pattern for the hat.

She swipped a strip of glue on the top of each strip and placed the next color down.

Once the hat was done, we glued the hat to the plate.

If you have older ones I would have them do a writing piece and attach it to the Cat in the Hat’s hat.

Caroline was very proud of herself and she was able to repeat the pattern as we went!

//2// Name Sort

I LOVE this activity! I’m actually planning to laminate it so she can use it over and over again this week!

Take red and white paper, a black marker, and scissors. Cut strips of paper for the hat. I like to have one piece be bigger than the rest for the base of the hat.

Next write your child’s name at the base of the hat. Then write a letter on each of the strips making sure when spelled out it reads your child’s name using a pattern.

I started by showing Caroline the base strip reads her name. Then we went through each letter and I helped her to find them and place them in order.

As we practice she will be able to do this independently and learn to identify and spell her name all while having fun!

//3// Cat in the Hat Kabob

Ok this one is so fun and yummy!

Grab some strawberries, a banana, chocolate chips, chocolate frosting or nutella, and a kabob stick ( we actually used a chop stick because I didn’t have a kabob stick).

I have been teaching Caroline to cut lately and it has been so fun. We’ve been using a butter knife but I’ve ordered these from Amazon and can’t wait for them to come in.

First, cut the banana and strawberry into round slices.

Make a pattern on your stick with the strawberry and banana.

With the last banana, turn it the opposite way so it has a flat side facing up. Place chocolate chips and frosting down for the eyes and mouth.

And eat it up!

This is fun for learning kitchen skills, pattern skills, fine motor, and taste testing skills.

Dr. Seuss Week Image

Caroline and I had so much fun yesterday with these little activities! If you and your littles want to join us on our week-long of Dr. Seuss adventures come grab my Dr. Seuss Week packet in my store!

I hope you have a great day! See you back here tomorrow!

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